Ultrasound (USG)


Ultrasound is a technique that provides imaging by using sound waves. The sound waves here are high frequency and inaudible to the human ear. The working principle of ultrasound is based on the ability of sound waves to reflect differently from different tissues and organs. It is a very useful imaging technique used not only in gynecology and obstetrics but also in almost all branches of medicine. The part of the ultrasound device held on the body that sends sound waves and detects the sound waves returning from the tissues is called the probe. The probe detects the returning sound waves and converts them into an image by processing them in a type of computer, that is, a processor. The image is viewed on the monitor.

What does ultrasound do?
To determine whether the baby is alive or not and how many in the first 10 weeks.

Ability to measure the baby’s nuchal translucency between the 11th and 16th weeks.

For detailed ultrasonography between weeks 19 and 23.

Is it necessary to have an ultrasound examination every month during pregnancy?
If a person is curious about their baby, they can have an ultrasound as they wish and feel better psychologically by seeing their baby. Ultrasonography has no harm.

Modern technology and advances in ultrasound
We are one of the hospitals that have color ultrasound by following today’s technology in our hospital. Nowadays, ultrasound devices, which are indispensable for modern pregnant women, have become smaller in size and continue to increase in image quality since they began to be used.

What is color ultrasound (4-D Ultrasound)?
4D Ultrasound devices have some advantages over 2D and 3D ultrasound. With the help of 4D ultrasound, the gender of the baby can be determined much earlier than other ultrasounds. In addition, early diagnosis of mongolism, cleft palate, cleft lip, missing finger, and brain and spinal cord disorders can be made. Early diagnosis of congenital anomalies is at your service to monitor the real image of your unborn baby and to monitor you, our pregnant women, in a healthier and better quality way.