In the radiology department of our hospital, all kinds of direct x-rays, Ultrasonography, Color Doppler and Mammography examinations can be performed. Examinations such as MRI and CT are performed under appropriate conditions at the nearest contracted imaging center. The procedures that can be performed in our radiology service are below.

A-Direct Graphs
Hand-wrist radiography (single film)
bone survey
Mammography (single breast)
Mandible (one way)
Schuller radiograph (comparative)
Sella spot radiography
Sinus (Waters) radiography (one-way)
Stenvers radiograph (comparative)
temporamandibular joint
Long bones (one movie) (one way)
Lung radiographs
Leg length radiographs
Plain abdominal radiograph
Joint radiographs
head radiographs
heart telecardiograms
Pelvic radiographs
Vertebra radiographs
L5-S1 spot radiograph
B- Ultrasonographic examinations
Neck US
Renal US, dynamic
Joint US (one side)
Endoscopic US
Folliculometry (transabdominal folliculometry)
Folliculometry (transvaginal folliculometry)
Contrast-enhanced Doppler harmonic ultrasonography (for each region)
Hepatobiliary US
IVUS (intravascular ultrasonography)
Intraoperative US
Hip joint US (single side)
Breast US (bilateral)
Obstetric US
Orbital US (bilateral) (A or B mode)
Parotid gland US
Renal US
Scrotal US
Submandibular gland US
Thyroid US
Thorax US
Transfontanel US
Transrectal US
Transvaginal US
Suprapubic pelvic US
Abdomen US,
Urinary system US
Abdomen US,
Superficial tissue US