All Clinical Biochemistry and stool, body fluids and urine analyzes are performed. – Many routine biochemistry analyzes such as liver and kidney function tests, blood fats such as cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL, sugar, sugar loading tests and enzymes are performed. – Tests such as thyroid hormones, pregnancy and fertility hormones, tumor markers are performed in less than two hours. can give results. In addition, tests such as pituitary hormones and first and second trimester (Triple test) screening tests, which screen some genetic diseases of the unborn baby in pregnant women, can also be given. – Blood count (with 22 parameters), tests evaluating blood clotting are performed in our laboratory in less than two hours, like many other tests. It is one of the tests that can give results in a short time.

In our microbiology unit, direct tests for infectious microorganisms such as culture, antibiogram and identification, stool and urine microscopies, or indirect tests based on antigen search with immuno-serological methods can be performed. We can also provide results for serological tests such as hepatitis markers and HIV on the same day.