How is Colposcopy Performed?
Colposcopy provides a close examination of the cervix, vagina or vulva. The lighted instrument called colposcope enlarges the image of the cervix, thus allowing it to be examined and seen better.

At the beginning of the colposcopy, you will lie on your back on the obstetrics and gynecology table, just as you were examined. During the examination, the metal tool applied will be placed in your vagina and your cervix will be easily seen. After the discharge from the cervix and vagina is removed with salt water, your cervix will be wetted with a special liquid. If there is a problematic tissue or cell, it will turn white under the influence of this liquid. In this way, your doctor will examine the white areas in more detail and, if necessary, take a biopsy (slice) from these areas. The taken piece is examined by a specialist (pathologist).

This process usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Why is Colposcopy Performed?
Colposcopy is performed to reveal the cause of abnormal cellular changes, if any.

Why is Colposcopy Important?
Thanks to this examination, cervical cancers can be detected at a very early stage.

Is Colposcopy Painful?
If your doctor takes a biopsy sample, you may feel mild cramping and pain during tissue removal. During this process, it may help you not to tense yourself as much as possible and breathe slowly and deeply.

How Should I Prepare for Colposcopy?
You may be more comfortable if you empty your bladder and bowels before the procedure. Do not shower, apply vaginal medications or tampons, or have sexual intercourse 24 hours before your appointment.

Does colposcopy affect my ability to have children?
No. If your doctor takes a tissue sample, it will be very small and will not prevent you from having children. However, if you are pregnant or may be pregnant, inform your doctor. This information will change your doctor’s approach to you.

Is There Bleeding After Colposcopy?
After colposcopy, you may have dark vaginal discharge and spotting bleeding for at least two days.

Can Tampons Be Used After Colposcopy?
No. Do not use tampons or put anything into the vagina for at least a week after the procedure or until your doctor informs you. Do not have sexual intercourse for at least a week.

When Should I Call My Doctor?
If you encounter any of the following problems after colposcopy, call your doctor immediately:

excessive vaginal bleeding
lower abdominal pain
Fever, chills, or foul-smelling vaginal discharge