In this article, you can find all you need to know about colonoscopy performed by our male and female general surgery specialists at our hospital, depending on your preference.

The method used to visualize the large intestines in the human body, called “colon” in Latin, is called colonoscopy. It is used to enter the large intestine with an illuminating instrument and to diagnose the condition of the inner surface of the colon and whether there is a tumor or any abnormal condition in the intestines.

In old methods called rigid endoscopes, only a short part of the intestine could be seen through a long thin tube. Later it became curlable, called “flexsibble”. Thus, it is possible to see every part of the intestine.

Why is colonoscopy performed and what diseases are diagnosed?
Thanks to colonoscopy, intestinal diverticula, inflammatory bowel disease, bowel cancer, etc. Diseases can be diagnosed and differentiated by pathological examination by taking samples. During this procedure, it is possible to take photographs of internal organs if necessary.

Colonoscopy is used for two purposes. First, for diagnostic purposes; It helps to diagnose whether a tumor mass in the large intestine is suspected or whether rectal bleeding is a simple lesion or a cancer formation.

It is known that large intestine cancers are largely caused by small and benign tumors called polyps. However, these tumors can acquire bad properties over time, that is, they can become cancerous. It is possible to remove them and follow the patient with the help of colonoscopy.

How to do it?
The procedure is generally painless and comfortable. Due to the air being released during the procedure, you may feel a slight pressure sensation and abdominal cramps. You will not feel very uneasy as some medications will be given to you to relax before the procedure. Your doctor will begin the examination while you lie on your back or side. The colonoscopy procedure takes between 15 and 60 minutes. Additionally, a waiting period of 1-2 hours is applied after the procedure.

Things to do before colonoscopy
For example, if we assume that the colonoscopy examination will be performed on Wednesday morning;

It is beneficial to consume juicy foods on Tuesday (one day before the application). Grain foods should never be consumed on that day. You should consume plenty of soup and all your food should be liquid.
A 6-hour clearance period is desired before colonoscopy.
Half of the medicine given to you before the application should be consumed at 16:00 and the remaining part at 19:00.
Adding the medicine to fruit juice will make it easier to drink.
You should not prefer liquid foods (cherry or pomegranate juice) that may appear to be blood during colonoscopy.
Do not forget that this medicine is a laxative that will cause you to have frequent bowel movements. Since you will lose large amounts of fluid and body salts while taking the drug, you should consume much more water and juicy foods than usual during this preparation.