Check Up

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Once we contract the disease, the measures taken and treatments applied may not be sufficient to restore our former health, and the costs may reach very high levels. Therefore, it is much more logical to take precautions before contracting diseases.

In order to prevent diseases, it is important to pay attention to cleanliness, a balanced diet, and an active and social life. In addition, we can obtain information about the general condition of our body through the checks we call ‘check-ups’, which healthy people can have once a year.

Get Checked Up, Be Sure
Many diseases can be screened with ‘check-ups’ and suspicious findings may be encountered. In addition, research is deepened in different areas according to people’s complaints. In this way, diseases are caught in their early stages, without any disturbing complaints.

Early diagnosis provided by “check-ups” is very important. With early diagnosis, the spread of infectious diseases, especially within families, is prevented, treatment costs are reduced to a great extent, and diseases that cannot be treated in advanced stages, such as cancer, are treated.

Take Advantages of Check Up
In addition to all these advantages, it is pleasing to be able to prevent diseases such as liver cirrhosis, which today can only be treated by liver transplantation and which results in death if transplantation cannot be performed.

The most important part of these studies is to examine our patient by a doctor before and after the examinations. Because the ‘check-up’ we have outlined is directed by a doctor. The interpretation of all laboratory results also gains meaning in the light of the history and complaints the doctor will receive. As a result, further tests are performed or treatment is started with the doctor’s recommendations.