About Us

Meltem İnternational Hospital adopts quality and trust as principles; Its founding purpose is based on the principle of “people first”.

Our hospital, which provides services under the supervision of a trained staff and expert doctors in their branches, aims to offer you the best with the awareness of this responsibility.

We care about human health. Based on this idea, Meltem Hospital has been working for human health since 1999 to provide quality and reliable health services to our people.

Meltem Hospital, which has been operating since 1999, aims to provide quality service to its patients in a peaceful environment with its advanced technological facilities, expert staff and friendly staff.

  • Our hospital has a closed area of 1796 m2 and a capacity of 26 beds.
  • There are 2 operating rooms and 2 delivery rooms.
  • There is an adult intensive care unit with 4 beds and a neonatal intensive care unit with 8 beds (4 ventilators + 8 incubators).
  • In our Neonatal Intensive Care unit, all kinds of problematic and premature babies can be treated and cared for.




100% Happy

Our vision

Our hospital, which represents reliability, continuity and respect in the society we serve, and has adopted the principle of providing friendly service with its superior technology and experienced staff, has adopted the main principle of ensuring patient satisfaction, both economically, service quality and medically.

Private Meltem Hospital; It respects patients’ rights, gives them the right to choose a doctor, and is baby friendly. By closely following the developing medical technology, it provides modern, effective and patient-satisfying healthcare services. With its friendly, understanding and experienced staff, it offers the health service our people deserve with a team spirit. It has a team that claims continuous improvement and perceives quality as a way of life.

Our misson

With the principle of “Human First”, to provide our people with the health services they need economically, without compromising on quality, based on international quality standards, respect for human rights and the environment, and based on contemporary values and professional ethics (deontology), to meet patient expectations through a “hot chain” established from the moment they enter the hospital. to meet with.

Private Meltem Hospital; To provide health services in accordance with the requirements of the Service Quality Standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health, to ensure the continuity of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve the system, to maximize the satisfaction of patients, to be a registered hospital in the eyes of its patients and to become a brand in our region with the quality of the health services it offers. has adopted coming to Turkey as a corporate mission.