Cautery has long been used to stop bleeding during surgery, cut and remove unwanted tissues quickly, safely and effectively. The areas where electrocoaters are most used are Leather , K.B.B, they perform operations with coagulation (coagulation) in obstetrics, general surgery, neurosurgery branches, they are used for burning tissues and for tissue cutting and removal by burning. What is cryotherapy in the subheadings of our article about cauterization? how is cauterization performed? and you can read articles called cauterization properties.

How Do Warts Form?
Warts are one of the most Decently observed skin diseases among skin diseases. Although warts create an aesthetically unfavorable situation due to their appearance, they mostly progress in harmless structures. As well as healing can be achieved with treatment, it can also heal spontaneously as time goes by. Warts are more common in children, especially compared to teenagers and adults. The blistered structure that occurs on the skin is mostly whitish formations in the form of a callous and hard mass. They can occur in all parts of the body, but they are mostly more common in the hands, face, knees and genital area. they are usually painless formations. They disappear without leaving a trace in the diseased area within a few months or years. However, warts on the soles of the feet are also often embedded in the skin and painful due to the effect of walking pressure used on the soles. It needs to be treated. at the same time, facial and genital warts also need to be treated without multiplying, as they can take many years to heal and cause aesthetic discomfort.

Genital Warts and Cauterization
Thanks to the applied cauterization, genital warts are destroyed and destroyed by thermal damage. The patient is taken to the gynecological table and the cautery device is placed just below the hip in such a way that it contacts the skin.If the genital warts are few in the patient, local anesthesia is applied, if they are many, general anesthesia. During the operation, the warts located in the genital area begin to be burned one by one. The operation, which usually does not take too long, may vary depending on the extent of the disease. Due to the thinness of the skin in the genital area where cauterization is performed, the redness that occurs after treatment may cause pain for a while until it heals. Keeping the area clean and hygienic after cauterization is also extremely important for its rapid recovery Jul. After this operation, sexual intercourse should not be performed for about 1 month.

What are the Effects of Cauterization?
Warts are an infectious disease caused by a virus called human popillema. Therefore, this virus only needs to be controlled by the immune system. It cannot be excreted from the body with any medication. With the applied cauterization, the warts in the genital area are burned and cleaned, preventing the bad image and providing an aesthetic appearance. In order for these experienced wart problems to disappear, you can get to a healthier state by removing viruses from the body with an immune system-boosting diet. In fact, we can see that among the causes of many ailments experienced, there are reasons for not eating enough and Decently. For this reason, when the eating and drinking system is corrected, genital warts and other diseases such as many diseases can be eliminated from the body.