Have a Laser Hair Removal Specialist Do It
Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method if it is performed by the relevant specialists. Recently, laser hair removal has been performed in some aesthetic centers or practices by unauthorized people or physicians, and serious side effects occur during the applications, or the treatment is ineffective because it continues with incorrect parameters.

The Ministry of Health stated in its article dated September 18, 2008 and numbered 36130 that the responsible physician of the laser application centers should be a dermatologist or plastic surgery specialist. It has banned the use of lasers in beauty centers and offices working outside of these specialists and has started inspections related to this. All aesthetic centers that are not under the management of a dermatologist or aesthetic surgery specialist will be closed at the end of 2009.

We recommend that you take this into account in order to maintain an effective and safe treatment and to ensure that your treatment is not interrupted…

What should be the characteristics of the center where you will have laser hair removal?
Make sure that there is a skin doctor(dermatologist) at the center.

Your skin doctor will be your best helper in any complications that may develop after the procedure

If you have a skin disease that prevents laser hair removal or if you are using any medication that sensitizes your skin, your doctor will determine the best time for laser

How should the characteristics of the device you will have laser hair removal be?
Do not let the very ambitious promises, low prices, package programs mislead you. The important thing is the effectiveness of the device, the reliability of the center.

Effective devices in laser hair removal are Alexandrite, Nd-yag, Diode devices. In some centers, an IPL device is used under the name of laser hair removal. This device is not a laser, but an intensified light system. IPL devices are considered the modern waxing method because they temporarily shed hairs.

The laser hair removal device must have CE certification. The Ministry of Health requires that all devices to be used in beauty centers have this certificate.