Don’t Be Afraid to Forgive
Forgiveness, tolerance of the crime committed-mistake, trying to be tolerated, forgetting or trying to be forgotten, is one of the most difficult virtues for a person to achieve, a very important concept that leads to inner peace.

Every person is hurt, broken by someone all his life. With the effect of that fracture, he starts to experience a lot of emotions at once. Anger, fear, resentment, maybe hatred…

These feelings may become stronger or decrease as soon as you experience this situation. But it gets complicated; you don’t know what you’re feeling either, some some. Those feelings that you can’t define start to make you feel strange. Maybe you feel too strong because you don’t forgive, you say to yourself, ‘I’m punishing you like this’. You think, ‘I won’t forgive so that he can’t do anything to me again,’ or you protect yourself from the dangers that may arise from new people in a way.

But maybe after a short, maybe a long time, you will realize that it is actually you who are being punished. The longer a person lives with anger and hatred, the longer he will not be able to heal. Maybe he takes a lesson from some things or the person wants it to be so, but the feelings of anger, hatred that a person harbors inside wear him down and prevent the wound from healing.

There are often situations when you wish that it was enough for me to forgive him, maybe in your life, no matter how you punish the other side, maybe that won’t be enough for you. But try to think about who is winning in the end. Neither you nor the other side. Just a feeling of anger and hatred. And maybe there are lost years most of the time. Parents who do not forgive their child, children who do not forgive their father and mother, tens or maybe hundreds of people who have not spoken to their brother for years, who pass by without greeting the neighbor they see on the road because their aunt is fighting… A person cannot forgive those who he misses the most, wants to see the most, loves the most, those he thinks will never get hurt. Isn’t that too much for a person, don’t strengthen your anger to punish yourself. Forgiveness is not a process that destroys pride, but the dignity of honorable people. What grudge can last forever, even if you are very angry, cried a lot, or even if you have not forgiven because of a misunderstanding, how long will you be able to bear the discomfort that this has created on you years later?

Forgiving does not mean that you have forgotten what you have done. A person should also not forget that he is alive. But he should take a lesson, he should definitely learn.

Forgiveness requires a process. You can’t throw away the fatigue of days, months, years at once, you can’t put everything aside quickly. Face the feelings inside of you. Let both your soul and your body face it. Do not be afraid of them, they are yours too. Let go and say ‘I wonder’ too. Allow the process of forgiveness to begin within you.

Comfort Yourself, Forgive While You’re Still Alive
Share your feelings and thoughts sincerely and give the other party the opportunity to share them. Maybe one day you may find yourself in the same situation. Let the past stay in the past, strengthen yourself by looking forward. Do not dwell on the pain, the memories, the memories. Allow the positive emotions inside of you to be released. Believe in the power of love and trust.

Believe that you can Forgive.
Remember, what you have experienced, see them as an experience. When you forgive, you will see that your burden will be lightened, and maybe then you will be able to see the facts more concretely. What you couldn’t think at that moment, what the other side couldn’t think, all your other feelings. Believe in the healing power of time. Set yourself free. Now open a new window and believe me, life is not long enough to bear that anger. Even if it is impossible to see or talk to that person, forgive inside yourself. Even if he does not know, know that you forgive. Remember, every person needs a second chance.