Almost all children have experienced school phobia. Among the causes of school phobia, the maternal factor may not have been considered at all.Dec. Perhaps you are the cause of your child’s school phobia. I mean, moms! A child who has just started school or the fear experienced during the return to school after a short vacation, anxiety turns into a phobia over time. So, what are the precautions that families can take at this point? What role do mothers play in the formation of school phobia?

Expert Psychologist Sümeyye Arslan from the Department of Psychology of Private Meltem Hospital gave important information about the causes of school fear and school phobia developing in children and the precautions to be taken.

How do we know that school fear has turned into a school phobia?
Having a fear of school in children who have just started school, experts consider it natural and normal for various worries and worries to take place. As a result of a study conducted, it has been found that the fear that children who have just started school feel from the first day of the week decreases towards the end of the week, anxiety disappears at the weekend, and it is resurrected at the beginning of the week.

As a result of this research, the fact that children have anxiety and anxiety at certain times is not considered as a school phobia. If a child who goes to school is experiencing fear, anxiety and tension, now he is taking refuge in excuses to get the school out of his life, at this point we can make determinations that the fear of school has turned into a school phobia. So, what are the main symptoms of this school phobia?

How do we understand the symptoms of school phobia?
School phobia is a time when school fears are increasingly on the rise. Concrete behaviors that we can Decipher among the symptoms of school phobia are;

* Being distressed and prone to crying,

* An irritable attitude, insomnia and increased aggression with it,

* Behaviors such as constant headache, nausea and not eating at the table are among the most prominent features of school phobia. Dec.

The time period in which these symptoms are most common can be defined as the moments when school hours are approaching. So, do you have any idea what are the main reasons behind not wanting to go to school? Often, unimaginable reasons can trigger school phobia. One of them is the role of a very overprotective mother.

Is the overprotective mother the main reason for the formation of school phobia?
Among the reasons for the formation of school phobia, mothers come at the first place of the list. Dec. Mothers constantly protect their children against internal and external factors while raising their children. However, this protective and attentive approach allows the child to be affected by the factors that the mother avoids after a while and integrate it into her life.

Thus, the mother model, who avoids her child’s eyes, wants to see her child next to her all the time and take it into consideration. This situation is seen as an obstacle for the child to be alone and to establish his own spirit world. The fact that the mother is conservative and overprotective, wing stretching in every area can cause children to be alone with fears in the first place.

For this reason, mothers need to be sensitive about this issue. Another factor in the formation of school phobia is the new lives of children who move from the home environment to kindergartens and nests, and from there to school.

Fear of children being thrown out of the house!
Most parents don’t know, but taking children to home and nursery for the first time is the first step in their departure from home. Many children feel disconnected from their home at this age. Despite the warm environment of the house, nurseries and nests are quite cold and repulsive. Children often have a subconscious fear of being thrown out of the house.

Promises made by parents when raising a child, especially when feeding and not sleeping; I will give you to a cat, I will throw you to a monster, I will throw you on the street or in a garbage dump, also lead to the transformation of fears and fears into phobias in the progressive process of time in children. So, what kind of measures should be taken at this point?

What should be done if your child has a school phobia?
Having a school phobia in your child is not the end of the world. In this case, it is not right to be angry or angry with your child. Despite the school phobia, the most effective method is to value your child, trust, listen to him, not blame him, telling him that everything is just a process are the clearest steps you can take to gradually reduce the school phobia.

Advice to the families of children with school phobia
One of the methods that is effective in the formation of school phobia is the fact that the child who will go to school is not in any preparatory stage. So, first of all, an excitement should be created at home for children going to school. Knowing that the shopping is done for him gives the child self-confidence.
* Trying on school clothes bought at home, choosing notebooks and stationery materials together and preparing them together seriously affect school phobia.
• For the child who is taken to school, he should not be waited in front of the school yard in front of the door for more than 2 days.
• The mother or father who will drop the child off at school should pay attention to the sensitivity of school hours. Phobia cannot occur in children who come to school just on time and know that they will return home just in time.
• One of the biggest mistakes that families make is saying goodbye and hugging for a long time while dropping the child off at school. We should never do this. A smiling face in a routine way and reminding the child of the duty and responsibility of going to school is very important at this point.
• Family members’ activities during school time, entertainment, weddings, evening organizations, women’s activities in the form of days cause negative situations for children. For this reason, a child going to school causes people at home to code in his mind that he is going to have fun and he is going to an unnecessary place.