PRP, a form of cellular therapy, progresses by using a person’s own blood cells. In the application called PRP method, blood between 8-10 cc is taken and these Decoctions are processed in special kits. After passing through the santifur, that is, the rapid return process, the red cells and white cells in the blood are separated. The platelet-enriched part is obtained and the liquid PRP is made suitable for hair treatment. While there are about 200,000 platelets per milliliter in normal blood, PRP becomes more than 3 times this number in the opposite direction. an average of 4 cc of PRP fluid is obtained from an 8-10 cc blood tube.

What are the Benefits for Hair?
This resulting liquid is used for hair loss as an alternative to mesotherapy, especially when injected into the hair bottoms. Especially in areas where the hair strands are thinning, keratinocytes and epithelial growth factors provided by platelets to the region give accurate results. For hair weakened by PRP hair treatment, it allows the hair follicles to thicken, become voluminous and grow roots in the area.

What is a PRP Assisted Hair October?
The positive effects observed by waiting for a long time in mesotherapy are manifested in the first session of PRP. Revitalization of the patient’s hair in PRP applications, which are usually applied to the scalp in the form of 3 sessions 2-3 weeks Dec 2. it can be seen very clearly in the sea.

Hair Loss and PRP
PRP application increases hair production by reducing the stimulation of keratinocytes (hair cells located in the body of the hair) in the area of hair loss. Does this also remove PRP hair? it may be the answer to his question. PRP treatment, which is especially seen in women and is mostly genetic, in the sparseness and thinness of hair on the entire head, gives face-pleasing results. It is among the most important hair treatments used by derm Decosmetic specialists. In summary, we can say that it has now taken the place of mesotherapy.

How Long Does The Effect Last
The permanency of this procedure is between 12 months and 18 months at Dec. In summary, PRP has no permanent effect. The process needs to be repeated for some time in the future. As long as the cycles are repeated, the benefits of PRP continue to increase and the duration increases.

Side Effects
When preparing the PRP liquid, that is, enriching the blood content, no chemicals that may harm the patient are used. Therefore, there are no PRP side effects. The injected patient’s sugar or blood pressure, etc. having diseases does not change this situation.