Mesotherapy, in the sense of the word, is a form of treatment applied directly to the middle layer of the skin. In practice, the aim is to provide an effect by injecting a smaller amount of the active substance into the area to be treated. This method can be used on the face area, scalp and body.

The application of hair mesotherapy is a method that takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes and is applied in the form of sessions. The procedure performed with a special mesotherapy gun ensures that the patient does not feel pain in any way during the application. Vitamins and minerals that enter the hair structure during the operation are given under the skin by injection method. The contact of the needle tip applied to the skin and some of the ingredients used also help with the effect of increasing regional blood circulation. The Sessions performed usually consist of 10 to 20 sessions, unless the doctor indicates otherwise. After the result of the procedure is received, the doctor decides whether to continue or not.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a treatment method based on injecting a drug specially prepared according to the treatment to be applied to a person 1 to 6 cm under the skin. This miraculous treatment method was first used by the French doctor Dr. It was started to be used by Michel Pistor in his patients in 1952. Homeopathic agents, pharmaceutical agents, vitamins, plant extracts (extracts) are applied to the skin and under the skin by microinjection technique. The substances to be injected into a person are prepared in accordance with the person and the purpose.

Hair loss in men and women is different.
Male Pattern Hair Loss
Genetic loss, which usually occurs in the family history,
Excessively oily, wholegrain, itchy scalp,
Anxiety and dystonic personality,
The shedding first begins at the border of the forehead area and progresses, then there is an opening starting from the top. In this case, the diagnosis is usually made with a clinical appearance, the hair pulling test applied to people is usually positive.
Female-Type Hair Loss
Androgenetic Alopecia in female-type hair loss; it is the most common type. At first, the hair on the top decreases, becomes sparse, thinner, shorter and contains less pigment.
Male-type Androgenetic Alopecia; it is rare in women.
Hair loss due to iron deficiency.
Hair loss due to an irregularity in thyroid hormones.
Hair loss caused by hormonal disorders caused by ovarian cysts.
Hair loss caused by hormonal disorders after childbirth.
Hair loss that occurs due to stress.
What are the Uses of Mesotherapy?
Strengthening weakened hair follicles and preventing hair loss,
In regional weight loss treatments,
To eliminate cellulite problems,
In the treatment of stretch marks formed during pregnancy,
In facial rejuvenation treatments,
It is used in the treatment of acne and scars.
When Are the Results of Hair Mesotherapy Seen?
Positive changes begin to be seen 5 to 7 sessions after the hair mesotherapy sessions start. It will take 3 months for the person who sees the application to see the first positive results. Hair mesotherapy is performed between 10 and 20 sessions in total, with 1 session per week in the first month, 1 session per 10 days in the second month, and then 1 session per month, unless the doctor Decrees otherwise.

Hair Mesotherapy is the process of activating the roots by injecting minerals, vitamins, amino acids, circulation-boosting drugs and completely natural organic materials that nourish the epithelial tissue, which are especially needed by the hair follicles, directly into the scalp. It is possible to make and protect your hair more resistant to loss, to make it look more beautiful and to provide a firming in your hair only with hair mesotherapy. Thus, the hair follicles are better nourished, the loss experienced is eliminated and the tissue to which the roots are attached is repaired.

Those who experience excessive hair loss due to seasonal transitions, stress, post-pregnancy or metabolic reasons, those who complain of fractures, lackluster and dull appearance can benefit from scalp mesotherapy. Immediately after hair mesotherapy, they can have fuller, voluminous and shiny hair by replacing the deficiencies necessary for hair development and the production of healthy strands in a healthy way.

Can Hair Mesotherapy Be Applied to Everyone?
Especially in people with heart failure,
In patients with diabetes (sugar),
In people with kidney disease,
During pregnancy and lactation,
Mesotherapy is not performed in patients undergoing anticuagulant therapy.
What Drugs Are Used in Hair Mesotherapy?
The drugs used in hair mesotherapy are very diverse. These drugs used are mostly herbal products approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and sold in pharmacies. What is important in practice is to know well the pharmacological properties of the drugs used in the mixture to be made, their interactions with each other and their potential to cause side effects.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Mesotherapy?
After the mesotherapy procedure, the hair should not be washed, especially for 2 days, and after this process, washing should definitely not be done with very hot water. It is extremely important that you use a special shampoo with medication recommended by your doctor, if any, to make the procedure more effective. In addition, the area where the transaction is performed should be protected. Oct.

What Can Be Done To Make the Application Permanent?
After the hair mesotherapy procedure, which was performed and was very successful, if it is repeated in the form of 1 to 2 sessions in the long term, the effect of the procedure is maintained and the aesthetic appearance is preserved.This is extremely beneficial for the person who is being processed.