Couples should first accept that there is no perfect and perfect relationship/marriage. Problems can occur in any relationship, what is important is how these problems are overcome and the willingness of both sides to solve the existing problem. But in some cases, when partners experience difficulties solving problems, they may need to seek support from a specialist.

So, When Should I Go to Couples Therapy?

➖Having communication problems Decoupled between couples,
➖Not being able to argue without harming the other party’s personality,
➖Feeling unhappy about your marriage/relationship,
➖Despair that your problems won’t get better,
➖Families’ interference in marriage/relationship and couples’ difficulty in drawing boundaries in this regard,
➖Anger control problems,
➖Infidelity problems,
➖Decrease in the interest and affection of couples towards each other,
➖Couples do not fulfill their responsibilities,
➖Sexual problems,
➖Situations such as frequent arguments and resentments can be considered among the main reasons for applying to couples therapy. Dec.

What are the Unrealistic Expectations in Couples Therapy?

To see couples therapy as a complaint authority and to assign the dominant role to the therapist.

Waiting for the therapist to make a decision on your behalf.

To expect that all problems will be solved in one session and not to ensure the continuation of the sessions. It should be remembered that couples therapy is a process, and it is very important for couples to participate in therapy regularly and do what they are asked to do in order to get positive results.