Meltem is a specialist with a laser procedure performed at the aesthetic and plastic surgery unit. Dr. Dilek Bahçekapılı and Op. Dr. It is performed by specialist physicians under the control of Gökçen Ayyıldız. Moles (nevi) consisting of a pigment called melanin are heated with laser beams to separate them from the tissue. With the damage of pigments by rays, it shrinks and disappears in the applied area within a few days. The treatment lasts an average of 1-3 sessions.

Will there be any traces left after ignoring me with a laser?
After the first session, slight redness will occur in the applied area, but the area will return to its normal color in 1 week. There is also a possibility that a small wound may occur depending on the size of the mole. The resulting wound will begin to return to normal skin color by binding the shell within 10 days. (The video below is shown as a representation.)
There is no harm in having moles removed. On the contrary, moles are present with the possibility of turning into skin cancer called malignant Melanoma. There have been no losses or side effects for the patient in the treatment of erasure.

I Want to Get Information, What Are the Prices?
The prices for mole removal may vary depending on the number, size and color of moles. That’s why I don’t mind with the laser all the detailed information about the fees 0507 242 81 81 (09:00-18:00 You can find out by calling our call center.Dec. You can expect us to get back to you in a few minutes by filling out the immediate problem form on the left side after 18:00.

Do I need surgery?
Removal of moles from the root can be performed by surgical operation. However, the removed tissue part should be sent for pathological examination. However, another point that should not be forgotten is that a slight loss of skin along with a nevus may occur in the area with ben removal surgery. Issues such as the surgical skill of the physician, suture technique and materials are important for minimal damage to the surface.

Which is the most correct treatment?
I need to use surgical methods for healthy and correct treatment during the removal procedure. It is the cutting of the mole with an aesthetic operation, its removal and aesthetic suturing.