The follow-up and treatment of skin diseases, eczema and nail diseases takes place in the skin department of our hospital.

Dermatology (Dermatology) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nails, oral mucosa and sexually transmitted diseases.Today, allergic skin diseases are increasing more and more due to modern lifestyles, changing environmental conditions. Finding the causes of skin diseases such as Atopic Eczema, Contact Eczema, Urticaria (Hives); understanding whether they are internal or external is very important in terms of preventing the chronicization and recurrence of diseases, as well as first-line treatment.

We can list dermatological (skin) diseases mainly as follows :
Pregnancy and skin
Scabies ( gal ) and its treatment
Calluses ( hyperkeratosis )
Herpes – herpes
Excessive sweating
Hair diseases
Stain treatment
Hair loss
Me and the Vein me
Acne (acne)
Eczema ( hives)
In order to get a general idea of skin diseases, it is possible to roughly divide them into several sections:

Skin diseases that occur for physical reasons
Wounds caused by piercing, cutting, crushing objects, burns, cracks caused by cold, wounds caused by the irritation of chemical substances can be counted in this group.

Skin diseases caused by parasites
Scabies, lice and various fungal diseases are at the beginning of this group of diseases. In addition, skin disorders caused by bites of insects such as fleas, bedbugs, ticks can also be counted among them.

Skin diseases caused by microorganisms
These organisms usually lead to skin inflammation. Microorganisms can easily settle on any disorder in the skin. Wounds, burns, scabies, insect bites, eczema and herpes can easily become inflamed. Skin inflammation is also called “dermatitis”. In leprosy, skin tuberculosis and syphilis, which are diseases caused by microorganisms, there is a mechanism other than the above-mentioned inflammations. This is why they have been called specific inflammations or a group of specific infections.

Allergic skin diseases
They are the most common skin diseases.Allergic skin diseases include serum sickness, Quincke’s edema, hives, eczema, contact dermatitis Dec. It is quite difficult to find the cause of allergic skin diseases. For this purpose, the patient and his/her surroundings are investigated very well. Various skin tests are performed. If necessary, the patient is removed from the environment for a while. An attempt is made to find the cause of the allergy. These amyls can be flower powders, various nutrients, household powders, some medications, intestinal parasites. Heredity, body structure and irritable state, that is, psychological reasons, also play a major role in allergic diseases.

In addition to these diseases of the skin; there are also manifestations of various internal diseases on the skin. For example, in diabetes, various symptoms appear on the skin (hives, blood boils,gangrene, etc.). In addition, there are malignant and benign urals of the skin in question.Skin cancer / Skin cancers are the least bad of all cancers. Complete treatments are also possible.

According to the type of skin diseases, different types of disease elements are seen on the skin. These include; itching scars, papules (small skin blister), pus (pus bubble), boils, ulcers, tubercles (pointed skin protrusion), erythema (redness), hyperpigmentation (increased skin color), hypopigmentation (decreased skin color), Decaamation (skin shedding), crusting and urination. In a skin disease, one or more of these elements may also be present together. Skin diseases are easy to diagnose. When necessary for a definitive diagnosis, the patient is removed from the part and subjected to pathological examination. Their treatment is not always easy and varies depending on the type of disease.