High blood pressure occurs at a young age today, but it is a disease that is more common in older people and increases blood pressure. It is a fatal disease that causes blockages and bleeding in the vessels of the kidneys, brain, eyes and heart in the human body.

Ways to remove salt from your life
Just as people have difficulty trying to get rid of their excess weight, it can make it difficult for us to remove salt from our lives. We should definitely not use tomato paste in our dishes because there is a lot of salt in the tomato paste. We can apply the following methods to remove salt from our lives:

  1. Our breads should definitely be salt-free. Today, unsalted bread is sold in many bakeries. If you can’t find unsalted bread, you can make your own unsalted bread at home. You should definitely eat bread without salt.
  2. Definitely do not eat pickles A high blood pressure patient who eats pickles affects our body as if he had eaten poison.
  3. Let’s definitely not put salt on our tables. By doing this, your salt usage will be eliminated.
  4. Definitely do not consume local salty cheese because there is high salt in local cheeses. For this reason, your blood pressure is affected by salt.
  5. Definitely do not use salt and tomato paste in meals, there is already high salt in the tomato paste, and you increase it, so your blood pressure rises even more.
  6. Definitely consume unsalted products for example, unsalted olives, curd cheese, you can consume unsalted products such as these. If there is at least a little salt in the products you buy, leave them in water for a while.

Not every person with high blood pressure gets a headache.
Due to high blood pressure, pain in the neck, a feeling of stiffness in the muscles of the neck may occur. Nov. High blood pressure can cause headaches, but it is definitely not considered to be the case. There is no chance of having a headache with blood pressure that gradually rises over time.

Even if people’s blood pressure rises to 200 mmHg (torr), high blood pressure can damage their veins, even if someone does not have a complaint. Bleeding occurs in the capillaries in the organs. Damage to the brain, eyes, heart vessels and kidney vessels may occur.

Which organs does high blood pressure affect
Eye: It causes bleeding in our small capillaries and causes permanent blindness.

Heart: Our heart vessels become blocked, thickening occurs in the heart muscle and causes it to dilate in the main vessels coming out of the heart. Nov.

Kidneys: It makes the kidneys bankrupt and causes kidney failure. There are blood vessels in tangles inside our kidneys. The higher the blood pressure, the more damage will occur in these vessels.

Brain: Bleeding occurs in the brain when the small capillaries in our brain bleed.

People with high blood pressure should be thin
If the blood pressure patient is overweight, he should definitely lose weight. We can lose weight healthily both by expert dietitians and doctors, and by doing sports. If the patient loses 10 pounds in a healthy way, there will not even be a need for us to use this medicine while taking three medications a day.

People lose weight quickly while playing sports, because if the heart does sports at a certain speed and tempo, the metabolism works faster and it becomes easier to lose weight.

If we do at least 15 minutes of jogging or fast walking a day, our metabolism accelerates and moves in a positive direction due to this movement.Definitely do not avoid using medications without expert advice. If the doctor sees that your medications are too much for you and sees that your blood pressure drops by itself, he will stop taking medications anyway.

The importance of blood pressure holter
“Blood pressure holter” measurement is needed in the diagnosis of hypertension and in patients whose blood pressure is not stable despite treatment. Blood pressure is a disease that should be constantly under control. But you should constantly take a blood pressure measurement. Using a blood pressure measuring instrument called a blood pressure holter, this device records your blood pressure and pulse count even when you are resting, sleeping, doing your daily activities.