The varicose vein problem, which is often encountered especially in women, can now be done quite easily and healthily with the point at which medical technology has arrived. The varicose veins problem is solved radically with the radiofrequency method applied at private Meltem Hospital. This application is applied for saphenous veins up to 20 millimeters long. With this method, which gives very successful results cosmetically, the recovery time is also quite short. Moreover, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the application, he can go home the same day.

Application of Radiofrequency Method
First of all, a needle is inserted under the knee into the varicose veins with painful reflux. After a thin radiofrequency catheter is inserted here, segmental ablation method is applied with Color Doppler image support and 120°C energy is provided. the catheter is removed by applying the 20-second segmental ablation method to the 7cm area. This procedure takes about 30 minutes for an average patient and does not exceed 3.5 minutes after entering the vein. A bandage is wrapped around the patient’s leg to be applied and it helps to keep the vein closed for 2-3 days. Then, along with this period, the treatment that we call varicose veins socks is started.

The Process After Radiofrequency Therapy
Radiofrequency therapy is a very comfortable operation if it is performed with a specialist doctor. With this method, the patient resumes his normal life after a day from where he left off. As a result of closing the vein by drying, healthy new veins develop and these veins replace the old ones. In this way, varicose veins-related pains or other formations improve when normal blood flow is restored. At the end of this application, no bruising, swelling or scarring occurs in the patient. With the latest technology used, this method attracts great attention and gives very successful results.