Be Careful Of Varicose Veins and Capillary Vessel Dilations
Treatment of this type of vascular enlargement is possible. Laser and sclerotherapy are methods that are effective and have good results, especially in small capillary dilations called spider veins. Laser and sclerotherapy are also effective in small varicose veins. But these wider diameters can be considered after the U.S.G study, which will also be performed surgical treatment for varicose veins that cause pain, swelling and wound formation.Sclerotherapy; if it is decided that the patient is a suitable candidate for sclerotherapy after the examination, the sclerosing drug (which clogs and shrinks small vessels) is injected into the enlarged vein with the help of a small needle. Sclerotherapy has become popular in Europe and America in recent years. During the pregnancy and lactation period of this treatment, until the lactation period has passed and after pregnancy 3?it is recommended to do it starting from the third month. Sclerotherapy usually gets ideal results after a few sessions. A printed bandage is applied for 3-7 days after each session. The second session applications are started a month later.