One of the General Surgery Specialists of Meltem Hospital, Op. Dr. Vehibe IŞIK gave information about hemorrhoid discomfort in women. Op. Dr. Vehibe IŞIK emphasizes that female patients are very late in starting the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoid disease. Dr. IŞIK stated that it is very natural for women with hemorrhoid (hemorrhoid) disease in our country to prefer a female doctor, especially. Op. Dr. Vehibe Işık said, “Our female patients who come to our hospital with hemorrhoid disease express themselves how wrong it is to wait all this time after treatment”.

“Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women”

Usually, advancing age, frequent constipation or diarrhea, balls in this area as a result of straining while performing great ablution lead to an increase in pressure in the veins and cause the surrounding connective tissue to relax. In other words, it leads to hemorrhoidal disease.
Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women. This is due to both hormonal changes and the fact that the growing uterus puts pressure on the legs to rotate and flow. It is seen more often in those who frequently consume foods rich in alcohol, fermented and acidic drinks, pickles and spices.

Why does hemorrhoid complaint increase during pregnancy?

An increase in the problem of constipation due to a change in eating habits.
Slowing of bowel movements due to the growth of the baby
An increase in blood pressure due to the growth of the baby balls veins
The fact that hormones cause dilation in the vessels of balls.
Inability to defecate comfortably positionally
The need for overexertion due to difficult ejaculation.
Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

The problem of constipation should be prevented,it should be fed accordingly.
It should be tried to defecate by pushing as little as possible in the toilet
The level of pain that will cause straining should not be consumed.
A daily walk should be carried out
The need to defecate should not be postponed.
If there is pain, a warm water sitting bath should be performed both in front of and at the end of the toilet.If there are complaints despite all these applications, Op. from the General Surgery Specialists of Meltem Hospital. Dr. Vehibe Işık stated that the patient should start treatment as soon as possible as an examination to a doctor specialized in his field.