The sweating of our hands, which we use frequently in our daily life, makes us very uncomfortable. The reason for this is that we use our hands in many operations. Our hands use many things to prevent sweating(cream, botox, iontophoresis, herbal solutions, etc.) but these are temporary solutions. Hand sweating is not due to any other disease. The main cause of sweating is a sympathetic adjustment disorder that regulates sweating. In people with regional excessive sweating, the sympathetic system is hypersensitive and overworked.

If excessive hand sweating is to the extent that it affects the person’s life:

As a temporary treatment: cream-lotion, iontophoresis, botox can be performed.

As a permanent treatment: clip-on ETS can be performed.

What is the success rate
The clip is the region where ETS is made the most effective. After this procedure, there will be a result of 99%. you can get rid of hand sweating lasting 20 – 25 minutes for a lifetime.

To whom it should be done
It is preferred for those who want to be permanent treatment, in cases where temporary treatments are insufficient and tired of them, in those who have excessive sweating in many regions, in those who have severe hand sweating in the drip-flow form.

What are the consequences
It is unimaginably effective in those who have very severe hand sweating. As soon as the treatment is performed, the excessive hand sweating that has been going on for many years passes. After this treatment, you can return to your home with gained confidence and take simpler responsibilities in your work with dry hands, you can be comfortable in your personal life.

How can it be treated if it exists in other regions
After the clip-on ETS performed for hand sweating: Underarm sweating, facial flushing and foot sweating may pass on their own. Facial sweating can be treated by placing another clip in a different place in the same surgery.