Vehibe Işık, General Surgery Specialist at Meltem Hospital, said that hair rotation, which is especially a fearful dream of men, is not a discomfort that requires surgery, as it is thought, but on the contrary, it can also be treated without surgery.

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General Surgery Specialist Vehibe Işık stated that hair rotation is mostly seen near the coccyx area and said, “Hair rotation is more common in men, under the age of 40 and especially in professional groups such as drivers, soldiers and students. It is usually caused by factors such as local microtrauma along with hair density. In people who stay in a sitting state for a long time, the coccyx area constantly remains stuffy and humid, however, hair rotation may occur due to microtrauma. The hair creates a place for itself by creating an abscess wall under the skin. Thus, hair-filled sacs begin to form inside. Among the general complaints of patients; abscess, pain, swelling sensation, back pain, discharge are included Dec. Most patients think it’s a simple pimple,” he said.Işık stated that there are advantages of hair regrowth treatment without surgery and said, “The patient can return to work on the same day. There is no risk of narcosis and narcosis. It is enough to numb the area with local anesthesia. There is no stress of surgery. Wound care does not require dressing. The likelihood of relapse is low. The pain is minimal. The scar is much smaller,” he said