Excessive sweating, which negatively affects our personal life and work life, can cause psychological problems as well as a lack of self-confidence. Although some products used against sweating provide relief for a short time, they are not a definitive solution. Due to excessive sweating, both you and people close to you are extremely uncomfortable in this situation. Botox should be applied to prevent excessive sweating.

Underarm botox is one of the methods that will solve your excessive sweating problem in the long term. Botox is a method used not to beautify, but to prevent excessive sweating. Since it is applied in a very short time, you can continue your life from where you left off after the application.

How is Botox applied?

Underarm botox, which is applied for 30 minutes under local anesthesia, is performed by removing the underarm sweat glands with a special liposuction device. Since local anesthesia is applied, you can continue your work or private life where you left off after the procedure.

Sweat areas located under the armpit are detected. Thus, a cream with a narcotic quality is applied and waited for a certain period of time. It is started to be applied with fine-tipped needles. The area where the sweat glands are located is injected with botox. Thus, the underarm area that sweats excessively is controlled by unwanted movements.

with this method applied in 30 minutes, it starts to show its effect in as little as two weeks. Underarm shows its effect for 9-12 months with the botox method applied for excessive sweating.

Who can Botox be applied to
It can be applied to men and women.
being older at the age of 18.
For women, not to be pregnant.
Not having a breastfeeding mother
Not being too old
Absence of neurological disease

Is Botox dangerous?

If you are an experienced and expert doctor, there is almost no risk of danger. Rarely, there may be slight bruising and redness in the places where botox is applied. It is a method that has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It does not cause any damage to the underarm sweat glands. It only slows down the very rapid operation of the armpits.

Does the prevention of sweating under the armpits negatively affect the body?

The purpose of sweating is to regulate body temperature. Sweat all over the body. Excessive sweating of the armpits releases odor for hormonal reasons. Since these odors are repulsive in humans, controlling the armpit glands does not affect the body in any way. It also does not lead to any health problems.