The prostate is a bandage found in every man from birth and surrounds the exit of the bladder. This secretory gland defends the urinary tract and produces some secretions for semen. The prostate is found in all men from birth, not later. Changes in hormones after a certain age trigger the prostate.

How does a person with a prostate feel?
They need a feeling of not being able to ejaculate after urinating
They often feel the need to urinate
The condition of making incisions while urinating is observed
They feel the need to go to the toilet in a cramped manner and often running with a sense of urgency
A condition is observed when the current is too thin when urinating
The condition of having to push while urinating is observed
They need to get up to the toilet 2 or more times a night
It is observed to urinate thin and without being able to make a forward pulse towards the bottom of the foot
The condition of having drips after urination is observed
Urinary incontinence condition is observed
Going to the hospital with a swollen abdomen after the bladder fills up and becomes swollen and unable to urinate
It can be treated by removing part or all of the prostate.
Laser application in prostate treatment(evaporation of prostate tissue by photocelective method)
Due to its rapid absorption at the cellular level, it evaporates the enlarged prostate tissue and repairs the thin area surrounding the prostate (1-2 mm deep), preventing bleeding.
It is also a safe method in that it does not affect deep tissues.
There are no or very few side effects.
The result obtained is permanent.
The results obtained in prostate treatment with laser are continuous, as permanent as in open and closed prostate surgeries.
The most important advantage is the duration
After the operation, the patient shows a comfortable and easy recovery process. The patient is discharged within a day after the operation and returns to his normal life. The duration of the patient’s stay with the probe is much less. after the patient probes are taken, the necessary examinations are performed and discharged.

The risk of bleeding is almost 0
Since electrical energy was used to cut the tissues in the classical surgeries performed in the past, the risk of bleeding increased. The risk of bleeding with laser technology is almost 0. In other words, the nerves that pass around the penis and the muscles that help to hold urine are not damaged, so the patient does not experience complaints such as erection problems or urinary incontinence after surgery. Nov.

The price of laser prostate surgery
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