The first signs of aging occur on people’s faces. Over time, sagging, slips and wrinkles form on our face and body. Especially the head is seen in this part. The most obvious reason for this is the decrease in facial volume, collagen and the attraction effect of ground wool.

Non-surgical rope face lift can be an alternative to surgical operations. It is a technique that can be applied to every part of the body without problems. The lifiting effect is provided on the one hand by the applied needles, on the other hand by the action mechanism that the body activates as a reaction to the ropes. During this process, it is detected by the body and the body produces biological fibroplasts, collagen and elastin. The lifting effect is doubled during this process.

Am I a suitable candidate for a non-surgical rope face lift application?
Do you have wrinkles on your face
Do you have sags on your face
Are there wrinkles around the eyelids
Is there a wrinkle around the lips, mouth
Do you want to refresh and rejuvenate your face?
How will the Non-surgical Rope Face Lift Application Examination Be Performed?
Our aesthetic and plastic surgeon will examine you and take your preoperative photos. During the examination, it is strongly requested that you share your medical history, medications you use and allergic condition information with the doctor. Our doctor will make all our preoperative evaluation with all the information he has obtained from you. After the examination, our doctor will inform you about all the issues that need to be done before surgery. How is the Non-surgical Rope Face Lift Application Performed? First of all, your face is cleaned. Anesthetic cream is applied to your face. PDO (polydioxanone) is applied (injected) to the points marked in the required areas on strings placed in very thin needles. PDO ropes as a reaction, the body begins to produce collagen containing fibroplasts and growth factors. The lifting effect is doubled. The difference can be observed immediately after Decontamination. These facets will become more pronounced over time, and their effect on the face will occur over time. Your face will be renewed. The final result is fully visible within 3 months and will last for 12-18 months. The application time is 30 minutes.

Advantages of the application:

Implementation in a short time
It should be painless
It is possible to use makeup after treatment
The ropes can be untied on their own and are harmless.
Activates the production of collagen (contains growth factor)
The application can be repeated if desired
Leaves no trace
It is applied under local anesthesia
A very rapid recovery is seen
To be simple and reliable
Removes fine wrinkles