Gravity is one of the most important causes of sagging and aging on our face. Due to genetic factors or due to gaining and losing weight too often, loosening of our skin occurs over time. These relaxations result in downward displacement of the lines, especially in the forehead and midface area. In the lower face and neck area, skin profusion is one of the reasons that lead to deterioration of the face shape. In general, this situation is caused by deterioration of the facial oval? we say. The angle between the under jaw and the neck Decelerates, so that when looking at the person, he looks old, especially from the profile.Tickled under the chin’? the fat deposits that we call may also accompany this condition that occurs.

how is it done?
The surgical incision made during the classically applied face lift surgery is extended from behind the ear to the scalp. It is fixed with internal stitches by separating the neck skin and muscles and stretching them upwards. Nov. The excess skin is removed by cutting it properly, and it is sewn back into place. With this maneuver, wrinkles and sagging formed on the neck are corrected. By making the jaw angle more pronounced, a more tense and younger neck appearance is provided. On the other hand, the neck lift incision is more behind the ear, so there are no visible marks when viewed from the outside. When there is lubrication just below the chin, relaxation of the neck muscles, and sagging that occurs due to them, it is necessary to correct the tickle area, especially in November. In the applications performed, the fat here is either removed by absorbing it with liposuction, or the fat is removed by cutting 3 cm from just behind the tip of the jaw and entering the tickle area. Therefore, after the fat is removed, the neck muscles that are relaxed while this area is opened are also sewn together by bringing them closer to the middle. Nov. With this application, the neck muscles are thus tightened. Nov. There is no sagging because the fats are removed after the operation. As a result, the neck and chin become visible separately from each other.

Neck lift operations are performed in a hospital with appropriate equipment and under general anesthesia. Neck lift surgery takes about 3 hours. During the operation, a drain is placed on the patient to prevent blood accumulation under the skin of the neck. The drain usually stays for 1 day after the operation, the person can leave the hospital when the drain is removed after 1 day. If an attempt is made under the chin during neck surgery, a bandage is also applied under the chin. This applied bandage remains for about 1 week.

Discharge and Recovery Process
After neck lift surgery, there may be conditions such as feeling of tension in the neck area, pain, bruising, edema (swelling), and numbness on the surface of the skin. This situation is completely normal. Certainly, the pain is not to a disturbing extent. It is a condition that can be easily controlled with pain medication. People who have undergone the operation can recover enough to travel by plane 2 to 3 days after the operation. The Swelling (edema) that occurs after the operation decreases rapidly within the first 7 to 10 days, the remaining slight swelling, which is not noticeable enough to attract attention, disappears, the time for the skin to fully sit on the face lasts about 3 to 6 months. In the first weeks, when the swelling resolves very quickly, the feeling of tension and numbness on the skin surface decreases and disappears every day.

If We Summarize in Substances, We will;
The duration of hospital stay is 1 to 2 days
For 2 to 3 days following the surgery, the face remains wrapped with a slightly printed bandage.
The swelling gradually decreases rapidly in the first few weeks, while the remaining slight swelling, which is not noticeable enough to attract attention, disappears and it takes about 6 months for the skin to fully fit on the face.
In the first few weeks, when the swelling resolves very quickly, the feeling of tension on the skin surface and numbness also decrease and disappear.
The disappearance of possible bruises that occur at the surgical site may vary depending on the skin type and structure of people. During this period, it can last up to about 15 days in sensitive people.
During the postoperative period, the patient is asked not to smoke for 3 weeks.
After the operation, the patient is asked to protect himself from the sun as much as possible, and if he cannot do this, he is asked to use protection creams over a factor of 30. · After endoscopic subperiosteal mid-face lift surgery, social life is returned within 7 to 10 days, edema in the patient is resolved in the first 3 weeks, and the remodeling period is entered in 3 to 6 months.

What are the Risks?
It is not very common for the numbness to be permanent during the operation. The disappearance of bruises varies depending on the sensitivity of the person. This period can sometimes last up to 15 days in people with sensitive bodies. When you get rid of edema and bruises after neck lift aesthetics, you will notice a striking and noticeable improvement in your neck area. In particular, the combined appearance of the chin and neck with each other will also disappear.
If We Summarize in Substances, We will;
Bleeding: Bleeding is a complication that can usually occur due to the use of aspirin after surgery, and the use of drainage can be prevented with a printed bandage.
Infection: This is a condition that occurs very rarely after surgery. It can be controlled by the use of antibiotics.
Bad Scar: Although a good recovery is expected immediately after the operation, there is a possibility of bad scars, especially in people who smoke.
Asymmetries: Human faces are usually asymmetrical in structure. With the stretching of the tissues due to surgery, you may notice this asymmetry, which has never attracted your attention before.
Damage to Deep Tissues and Nerve Injuries: Damage that may occur in deep tissues is rarely permanent, but usually reversible over a long period of time.
Hair Loss and Dissociation in the wound: These are also one of the complications that are usually associated with excessive tension.
Tissue Loss: Although rare, it can be seen in patients who smoke too much.
What Should Those Who Have Neck Lift Surgery Pay Attention to?
There is a ban on smoking, aspirin and vitamin E 10 days before the operation. The operation can be performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia accompanied by sedation. The pain becomes less after surgery. A specially prepared bandage (corset) is used for 4-5 days. Since the drains will be taken after the operation, it is more convenient for the person to stay in the hospital that night. It is possible to return to work and social life about a week after the operation.
What are the Prices?
First of all, let’s inform our patients who are thinking of having neck lift surgery and who are researching neck lift surgery prices on the Internet about this issue. It is strictly forbidden for health institutions to share the price list in writing or visually about any operation or procedure. For this reason, it is not possible to publish a list of hair transplantation prices on our website or on the internet address of any October center. Therefore, pictures, surgery images and prices related to neck lift surgery are not published.
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