As it is known, migraine stands out as an important health problem all over the world that affects the quality of life in a very negative way. Along with this, many migraine treatment methods have also been put forward. Of these, many drugs and methods that have been tried in the treatment of migraine and obtained successful results attract attention. However, despite all the efforts, no method has been found that can completely eliminate the disease.

Serious spiritual and material losses such as deterioration in the quality of life, restlessness at work and loss of performance are observed in a person suffering from migraine attacks. This situation has led many experts to increase the studies on this health problem.

The Function of Botox in the Treatment of Migraines
One of the applied treatment methods is migraine treatment with botox. As one of the migraine treatment methods, it is a treatment method that has become quite prominent in recent years. Migraine treatment with Botox is a completely accidental application. As it is known, botox applications are interventions made to the face for aesthetic purposes. A decrease in migraine attacks has been found in up to 80% of patients participating in Botox application. On top of this, many experts have accelerated their work.

Many health institutions have started studies for this interesting non-surgical migraine treatment. As a result of these studies, it has been found that there are nerve compression points in the head and neck parts that attract the onset of migraine attacks. Migraine treatment with botox, which is a non-surgical migraine treatment, minimizes pain by blocking the muscles that compress the nerves at this stage. Nov. In this way, the nerves are compressed and the first trigger that starts a migraine attack is blocked.

Advantages of Migraine Treatment with Botox
As with other treatments, migraine treatment with botox, which is one of the migraine treatment methods, also has many advantages. The most important of these is, of course, minimizing the use of medication to a minimum. However, a decrease in the frequency of attacks is observed almost up to 50%. All these achievements reveal how important the treatment of migraine with botox is. There are few hospitals that treat migraine with botox, and it is recommended to choose hospitals with adequate equipment.

Who Is Suitable For Migraine Treatment With Botox?
Every use of botox can benefit in the treatment of migraine with botox. But if there are very frequent attacks and patients who do not benefit from other medications and treatments are the most suitable for this application. Patients with severe complaints can easily resort to non-surgical migraine treatment.

Stages of Migraine Treatment with Botox
The most important part for switching to migraine treatment with Botox is the detection of trigger points. The history to be taken from the patient and the start times of the attacks to be determined, trigger points in the nape and temple areas are determined. An average of 15-20 minutes of application is made to these designated points. Migraine will lose its effect if the right points are reached with Botox injection.

Things to Be Considered After Migraine Treatment with Botox
After migraine treatment with Botox, it is necessary to pay attention to some conditions, just like after other treatment processes. There is a process between 3-10 days Deceleration of the effect after botox application in migraine. After treatment, the patient shows a rapid return to his normal life. There is no negative situation that will affect his work, school or social life.

Who Does the Treatment with Botox?
People who apply Botox treatment are Neurologists and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery specialists in general. However, the next stage of migraine treatment with botox is surgical treatment. Plastic surgeons also come into play here.

Is a Permanent Effect Possible during the Surgical Period of Migraine?
In such a surgical intervention, the effect can be permanent. Patients who resort to botox application for migraine and benefit from it are the patients who are considered suitable for surgical operation. In other words, the trapped nerve tissue can be permanently loosened by surgery instead of botox. In this way, there will be no need for repetitive botox applications.

In this part, the preference will belong to the patient. he can continue a botox application that will take 10-15 minutes in a period of 6 to 12 months, or he can also opt for a surgical operation to solve it at once. More detailed information about the procedures can be obtained in hospitals that treat migraines with Botox.

Can Migraine Treatment Be Done with Botox Without the Need for Surgery?
It is also possible to treat migraines with botox without surgical intervention. In Botox application, it is evaluated whether the patient is suitable for surgical intervention. treatment is possible with repeated applications with 6 to 12 processes. Which method to choose is again up to the patient himself.