Headache treatments are performed in Meltem Hospital Neurology department. We have carried out a series of articles for our patients with headaches that we have made with our neurology specialist.

A headache can be considered as a disease in itself, and it can also be a symptom of some diseases. If it is constantly watched, it is an inconvenience that should never be neglected. The important issue here is the diagnosis of the causes of headache. Medically, headaches are examined in 3 main groups.

Types of headaches
a. Situations where there is a complete pain in the head
b. Cases in which the pain occurs along a sensory nerve
c. Pains that usually radiate from a certain area of the head (such as migraines)

Primary (Unknown Cause) Headaches
a. Migraine

Migraine is a disease that can be seen between 2% and 4% in our country. Dec. Migraine results in a headache whose exact cause is unknown. Its duration can take half a day. It can also cause nausea and vomiting.

b. Cluster-type headache

The incidence rate is higher in men than in women. Although it is a rare headache, it can be seen suddenly in frequent seizures. The point where the pain is located is usually the eyebrow arch. It manifests itself as short-term but severe. It has symptoms such as a runny nose and facial flushing.

Secondary (Unknown Cause) Headaches

a. Pains caused by intra-cranial disorders

Lesions, tumors, abscesses, brain hemorrhages, ballooning in the arteries or head, as well as intracranial diseases that can cause meningitis headaches. The pain in the nerve tissues comes on suddenly and violently.

b. Pains related to non-cranial disorders

Glaucoma, inflammation in the eye, untreated visual disturbances that strain the eye muscles, joint and sin November inflammation are other diseases that cause headaches.

Causes of Headache

Although headache is approached in neurology science through these three topics, there may be many causes of headache. Strokes, abnormalities in vascular structure, inflammation, tumor, intoxication, metabolic diseases and high blood pressure are among the diseases that cause headaches. Decapitation. In addition, it can manifest itself as a headache due to physical fatigue, stress and tension. However, some ear and eye diseases also trigger headaches.

Among other causes of headache, a theory linking the brain vessels to the hypersensitivity to neurotransmitter chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin, histamine and the Decrement of endorphin secretion, which has pain-relieving properties, has also been gaining interest by experts in recent years.

People who are prone to headaches
Perfectionists, people who want perfection, who love loneliness and discipline too much are prone to headaches. In other words, headache can be an expression of our mental depressions. A headache can manifest itself by suppressing emotions such as hatred, hostility, anger for a long time.

Treatment methods
As can be understood from the reasons we mentioned above, headache is a disorder that can occur in a complicated way. For the treatment of headaches, the diagnosis of the relevant units, triggering elements and hereditary diseases present in the body is very important. In summary, even the smallest detail that can help diagnosis in treatment should not be ignored. Dec. To reveal the cause of the headache depends on the examination of this structure. The patient’s follow-up and trial-and-error method may be a treatment method that can be applied. Treatment begins by monitoring the medications given under the supervision of a neurologist. Of course, before that, the patient and the doctor should work together to improve the patient’s skills in preventing headaches.

Drug Use
The treatment of headache with medication is carried out by a neurology specialist with a certain program. It is obvious that there is a situation in our country where patients are accustomed to using medicines without a prescription, unconsciously. Based on the lived experiences of your relatives, the patient may not be able to calculate the side effects of the medications used. In addition, every drug, no matter how mild or harmless it is known, has a certain side effect or undesirable consequences.

Headaches caused by physical fatigue or excessive focus on any job during the day can be passed with aspirin, which will be taken 2-3 times within 24 hours. It should be repeated that it is necessary to stay away from alcohol, smoking and stress that trigger headaches as much as possible.

Foods that cause headaches
The fact that foods cause headaches manifests itself in parallel with allergic conditions. Foods such as cereals, oranges, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, meat, wheat, sugar (sugarcane sugar) and yeast may be prone to allergies to allergy headaches. If an allergic condition is suspected in the headache, foods with a low level of allergy are recommended to the patient for a week and are followed up.

Premenstrual headaches
Headaches experienced before menstruation can be reduced with a diuretic that can be taken 1 week before menstruation. The reason is based on the principle of fluid retention in the body before menstruation. It should be noted that liquid and salt consumption should be reduced when using a diuretic. In answer to the question of whether the birth control pill causes headaches, we can say the following. DK pills are medications that should be used carefully and with the advice of your doctor. There may be a frequency of headaches in women taking MIN pills. The reason is an increase in prolactin secretion in the body.

All kinds of information, evaluations, comments and images on the site are intended to inform people. It is not a substitute for a physician to examine his patient for medical purposes, make a diagnosis and diagnosis.