The vagina, which makes up the external genital organs found in all women, the outer lips called labium majors, the inner lips called labium minors, and the clitoris differ from woman to woman in terms of shape and appearance, or may change after childbirth.

In women who have not given birth, the inner and outer lips close the entrance to the vagina. When the inner lips (labium minor) are normally located inside the outer lips (labium major), they are usually not visible when viewed from the outside. However, in some women, the inner lips may extend out from between the outer lips, they may sag, their color may darken over time and they may be asymmetrically of different sizes Decoupled from each other. Today, it has been seen that women’s discovery of their own bodies and sexuality gives them an advantage, as well as brings some disadvantages with it. Comparing themselves to other women due to the appearance of their external genitalia, being embarrassed and restless during sexual intercourse can lead to negative effects on a woman’s family, social and sexual life.

Genital aesthetic operations, which have become more in demand with the awareness of women in recent years, increase a woman’s self-confidence and make her feel better about her partner. In the genital esteric area, vaginoplasty (vagina narrowing), labiaplasty (repair of small lips) and clitoris reduction (cliteroplasty) operations are mostly performed.