Eyebrows are one of the most important aesthetic structures on our face. Because they have the ability to give facial expressions. Eyebrow lifting aesthetics has a place in our facial expressions and facial expressions in our social life.

It is the eyebrows that have an important place in the facial image and reveal our looks and facial expressions. It is your eyebrows that will make you look tired, angry, happy or sad. However, it also has an effect on an energetic and youthful appearance. So how should the ideal eyebrow be in terms of aesthetic appearance? The answer to this question is determined by the shape of your face. In the revisions to be made on your eyebrows, the correct result can be obtained by making a joint decision together with our physicians.

how is it done?
Eyebrow lifting procedure, sling method and botox are among the most Decently applied eyebrow lifting methods. However, there are a few important factors for determining the method.

The age of the patient
The condition of the eyebrow
The extent and cause of the deterioration
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Is eyebrow lifting alone enough?
The most important factor determining this is the patient’s age. In middle-aged patients, only eyebrow aesthetics may be sufficient for a young and dynamic appearance. However, eyelid and eye area aesthetics, forehead and temple lifting and non-surgical face lift procedures can be recommended for people of advanced age.

Eyebrow Lifting Methods
a. Botox Technique
the eyebrow lifting technique with botox, which is a painless procedure completed in 5-6 minutes, is based on the injection method. The goal here is to raise the low eyebrows up again according to the shape of the face. Wrinkles on the edges of the eyes and forehead may need to be removed to get a more noticeable image. After the procedure, slight swelling, redness or bruises are passed with an ice press. The person resumes his normal life in a few minutes. The answer to the question of when the result will be seen can be said to be 7-10 days. It should be reminded again that in elderly patients, i.e. people with eyelid drooping problems, the eyebrow lifting process alone may fall short of your expectations in terms of the overall image.

b. Raising Eyebrows With Rope
In this technique, called the hanging method, it is based on a two-way stretching technique, through the hair and over the eyebrows. Although the procedure sounds like a heavy operation, it is actually a practical and simple method. With this procedure, wrinkles on the forehead are removed, the eyebrows are hung up to have an aesthetic appearance. The patient returns to his normal life on the same day. However, there is a period of permanence in this method. This time is between 9 and 20 months. Dec.