Surgical removal of bagged oils and wrinkled skin on the lower and upper eyelids is the most effective method to add vitality to the person’s young and looks and to remove the wrinkled eyelid. Eyelid aesthetics is performed alone or together with most other applications such as face lift, eyebrow lift, rhinoplasty, silicone placement on the cheekbones, fat injection into wrinkles, Laser treatment, Botox procedure to rejuvenate the face.

Eyelid aesthetic procedure is a rejuvenation operation around the eyes that does not carry risks, can be performed comfortably, and shows stunning results. For this reason, the person who has undergone eyelid surgery does not have the anxiety to hide it. The patient who has recovered from the eyelid problem feels the comfort of having a young, striking eye area and gaze despite the passage of many years.

How do distortions begin on the lower and upper eyelids?
The lower and upper eyelids are the first and most affected areas by aging and deterioration of the face. The upper eyelid relaxes and droops, falling over the eye over time. The edge of the eye and the edge of the eyebrow are also affected by this. At the same time, swelling and bagging begin to manifest themselves on the lower eyelid. Goose bumps deep on the edges of the eyes accompany the deterioration of the eyelids.

The reasons that disrupt eyelid aesthetics
The effects of gravity are environmental factors such as aging, genetics, predisposition, alcohol, smoking, sleep disorders.

At what age is eyelid aesthetics performed?
Upper and lower eyelid aesthetic applications are applied Decently between the ages of 35-70. Eyelid aesthetics are also performed after the age of 20, as genetic factors can also lead to eyelid problems at a young age. In children with congenital problems with the eyelids, it is necessary to have surgery until the age of 6.

How is eyelid surgery performed
Lower and upper eyelid surgery is completed in one to three hours under local or general anesthesia. During the operation, the patient does not feel any pain or painful sensations. Incisions are opened from the fold line on the upper eyelid and just below the eyelashes on the lower eyelid and intervened from here. The relaxation of November muscle tissue in the upper eyelid is eliminated. The ligament and November muscle tissue are repaired, the excess amount of fat and skin are removed. After removing excess fat, skin and November muscle tissue from the lower eyelid, the incision site is closed with special stitches so that the scar is not obvious. A light dressing is applied to the seams.