An EEG is a computer recording of the electrical activity produced by nerve cells in the brain by placing electrodes on the head during both wakefulness and sleep.

Why is an EEG performed?
The detection of electrical abnormalities caused by various causes in the brain can be likened to short circuits formed in electrical systems.

How do these short circuits occur; events such as seizures, various inflammatory diseases that affect the brain, brain hemorrhages, strokes, brain tumors can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain and create a short circuit in the brain.

So, are there any other uses of EEG?
To assess whether there is a developmental delay of the brain according to age
To detect the deterioration and slowing of brain waves in various metabolic diseases,brain coma and some diseases that commonly affect the body
What should be taken into account when coming to the EEG?
If a sleep EEG has been requested, it is important to deprive your child of sleep the day before. Although some medications are given to make it easier to sleep during shooting, this may affect the shooting quality of the EEG. The most ideal is to come without sleep,full stomach and hair washed and clean.Jul.

Is there any harm in having an EEG?
EEG shooting is the recording of brain wave activity through computer by placing electrodes in the brain.There is no question of any painful situation. Of course, don’t cry our children, otherwise uncle the doctor and aunt the doctor will give injections, and we didn’t commit a white coat scare

How is EEG shooting performed in children?
An EEG scan consists of placing 20 electrodes on the brain and recording brain waves via a computer. It is important for the child to arrive sleep-deprived for EEG shooting in order to ensure the transition to sleep. Since sleep allows brain waves to slow down even more, abnormal brain activity that cannot be observed during wakefulness can be recorded by becoming apparent during sleep.