Our life is constantly spent with healthy eating and strict dressing in order to be able to fight diseases. Especially in the winter months, despite all our efforts, we can’t get rid of the cough. Often there is an epidemic among the public, these coughs come and go, we get sensations caused by air pollution, or from smoking, cold drinks Decoctions. It is worth noting that. The cough that occurs in the winter months is mostly a predictor of other diseases. For this reason, it is necessary not to call the cough in the winter and not to pass it by.

Specialists of the Internal Medicine department (Internal Medicine) of Private Meltem Hospital gave important information about coughs that become chronic, especially in some patients. Here’s what we shouldn’t know about Cough.

There is no ordinary form of cough!
The underlying causes of cough, which have become a routine today, have now begun to be ignored by many people Decently. Smoking plays an important role in the formation of cough in the world and in our country. Smoking is at the root of many diseases. People interpret a cough that becomes chronic due to smoking as an ordinary form of cough.

However, this situation is completely wrong. Cough causes many diseases, especially bronchitis, along with it. The most important thing to know about coughing is that the cough persists for more than 3 weeks. If your cough lasts for more than 3 weeks, you should definitely go to the internal medicine department.

Every Cough can be a sign of a serious illness!
Cough can be a harbinger of different diseases when it gains an ordinary acceleration and is not controlled. It is found in the respiratory muscles called the lung membrane, pharyn November, larynx, nose, sinuses, airways, external ear canals, heart membrane, esophagus, stomach and diaphragm. Thus, diseases of all these organs can cause coughing. It should be remembered that cough can be a harbinger of other diseases. Coughing can also cause various diseases in the vocal cords, causing burning and tearing in the throat. Undoubtedly, the most important disease among the diseases that come with a cough is Tuberculosis disease. Dec. Tuberculosis disease is also a disease that develops due to cough and germs. For this reason, we need to eliminate cough from our lives. The shortest way to get rid of cough is undoubtedly to reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption and completely eliminate it from our lives. We need to make an effort to get the cough out of our lives. Therefore, the duration of the cough is important.

The duration of the cough is very important!
If coughs are less than 3 weeks long, they can be treated with medications. If the cough recurs for more than 3 weeks, a respiratory infection may be mentioned depending on the virus. Along with cough, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, hay fever trigger diseases. In order to correctly diagnose diseases during the cough period, a lung film, that is, a lung X-ray, should be taken.

The duration of cough is usually determined by specialists as a maximum of 3 weeks. Some of them are 20 for specialist doctors. A cough that persists after a day can cause serious problems. After the cause of the cough is determined, there may be different interpretations in the cough process.

If the cough is transmitted by a microbial infection, it should be controlled within 3 weeks.
If the cough occurs with various harmful substance addictions, this can be a long-term treatment process.
If the cough is a dry cough, if it does not cause a problem in the lungs, sometimes the healing process can exceed 40 days. In such cases, depending on the recovery, it is considered normal for the cough to last for 6-7 weeks in a dry way.
Can the medications you use make you cough?
Did you know that the medications you use can cause coughing? it is definitely necessary to go to the doctor for coughs that last more than 3 weeks. People go to doctors for various diseases. Sometimes drugs used unconsciously cause growths in the thyroid glands, as well as cracks in the larynx and can also cause irritation. Can the medications used be the cause of cough? Of course, at this point, medications can definitely cause coughing.

Cough is often revived by consuming medications unconsciously without a correct diagnosis. A cough syrup used, an antibiotic cannot always give positive results. For this reason, the use of medications that are not taken under the supervision of a doctor can directly trigger a cough. The most important condition for a cough is, is your cough infection-based? It is to determine whether there is an epidemic transmitted by microbes. a doctor’s check-up is essential for a cough that lasts longer than 3 weeks.

Should I be afraid of a dry cough!
It should also not be ignored that dry coughs can sometimes occur up to 8 weeks. Dec. Doctor control is essential at every stage. It is necessary not to say cough and pass it by. Patients should be very sensitive about this issue in order to detect diseases and symptoms that may be caused by coughing and to control them as soon as possible. If your cough-related complaints continue in the long term, you should be alarmed.

In this case, you should immediately apply to the internal medicine department of the internal medicine department. Internal medicine, that is, internal medicine is the starting point of all diseases. Patients usually prefer the department of Internal Medicine as the head of all diseases. Here, the patient is referred to the related branches with the diagnoses and referrals made by the internal medicine specialist doctor. Whatever the type of cough, it should be controlled as soon as possible.