Surgeries performed on female patients with breast or breast structure deterioration can be grouped under the heading of breast aesthetics or breast aesthetics. Breasts are one of the most important functional and aesthetic organs symbolizing femininity. Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. Breast aesthetics is performed in case of childbirth or excessive weight gain and loss of breast structure deterioration. As a result of delayed development of the breast structure, the condition that the breasts are too small is corrected by breast augmentation aesthetic surgery.

Breast reduction surgery:
Breast reduction aesthetics can be performed for reasons such as back and neck muscle strains caused by overgrown breasts, positional changes, headache, shoulder pain, shoulder Novation with bra straps, chronic chest pain, problems with personal hygiene, inability to participate in sports activities. Breasts that are too large can cause hunching, shoulder complaints, and pain caused by a bra strap. Also, a study found that large breasts can cause diabetes diabetes. Breast reduction breast aesthetics, which is suitable for eighteen years of age and older, is the removal of excess tissues from the breasts and the creation of the breast from scratch.

One of the most important points about breast aesthetics is the protection of the nipple and its ring when breast reduction is performed. Of course, there is a risk of decay or loss of these parts in every breast aesthetic surgery. However, if certain technical rules are paid attention to, this possibility is very small. In the past, the nipple and ring were transferred as a patch when reducing very large breasts. Nowadays, we are now using the “inferior” technique, which can be applied to breasts of any size, in breast aesthetic surgery.

The deficiency that occurs after breast removal due to breast cancer can cause demoralization or even depression. However, in suitable female patients, breast reconstruction is performed using the patient’s own tissues by various methods, sometimes with silicone breast prosthesis. Thus, the patient’s quality of life can be improved.