Botox Applications Are Very Convenient Now
The most important advantage of Botilium A exotoxin is that it eliminates wrinkles in these areas for 4-6 months without the need for surgical application. November 3-7 days after the drug is administered to the area with a small needle, the wrinkle-forming muscle movements in the given areas stop, and thus the wrinkles in these areas disappear.
Does Botox Have Harmful Effects?
There is no harmful effect on the patient. the end of the month, the patient regains November muscle movements. The wrinkles on the face are removed again by repeating the needle treatment. The patient continues this treatment as long as he wishes. Repeated applications do not have a harmful effect on the patient.

Botox applications have become popular in Europe and America in recent years due to their ease of use and not hindering the patient’s business and social activations, and are often used for wrinkle correction.