Mustache October
In men, the mustache is an aesthetic element that changes the expression identity of the face. Wound, burn, etc. in the mustache area. changes in deformations that occur with October can make significant changes in the patient’s facial temperament.

Moustache October is performed by fue method in our hospital. Hair follicles (grafts) taken from certain areas are transplanted to the previously determined area with an aesthetic October without waiting. In terms of application, there is no difference from hair October in the sense of. What is important in all October operations is that the appearance after the operation is natural. Mustache hairs come out close to the skin, for this, October should be applied at this angle.

Where are hair roots taken from?
With the Fue method, beard and mustache October can be applied to the beard and mustache area by taking the hair root from the desired place according to the needs.

Usually, beard October around 3000 roots gives satisfactory results. October October between 400-800 roots is sufficient when planting is made only in the mustache region. Dec. 1, 200-200 roots are sufficient. Beard October There is no obvious problem when the area taken from the hair follicle is washed the next day, but a pinkish appearance occurs for 1-2 weeks. There will be no marks left on the body or neck at the reception site. If it is removed from the body, it does not matter because there are featureless hairs. If it is taken from the neck, there will be a dilution as much as the number of roots from which it was taken. In our studies, there is no noticeable change even if 10,000 roots are taken from the neck.

What are the Prices?
October October October, you can contact us 24/7 via our fast contact line 0507 242 81 81 (WhatsApp) to get information about the prices of procedures such as hair transplantation, eyebrow and eyelash transplantation, beard and mustache transplantation performed in our hospital. If you wish, you can leave your question immediately from the problem form on the left side. Our experts will return to you within a day and give you detailed information.

Beard October and Beard Tightening Technique
In the overflowing parts of the beard, hair roots are taken through the neck and cheekbone and October is performed with a natural appearance in the sparse areas of the beard. There is no question of leaving a mark with carefully made graft purchases. In addition, a permanent laser hair removal is performed with the hair follicles taken from these areas.

In the absence of a full beard and mustache, 1000-3000 grafts can be planted in the area to be taken from the person. A significant change is created with the operation performed on the mustache, chin and favorite area. It is not right to dream of a beard too often. The important thing here is that the result is natural.

If there is regional beard loss, in this case, October is planned at the frequency of beard in the vicinity and it is harmonized with the environment. Oct Decontamination between 1000-3000 roots can be done depending on the frequency and limit desired by the person in this case if the beard is not completely absent. 400 Er roots to the mustache and chin area in one complete corner, 100 er roots to the favorite areas, a total of 1000 roots provide a significant appearance change, although noticeably sparse.

After beard and mustache October
October October beard or mustache in the planted area immediately after planting, there is a dark red appearance due to the blood clot coming out of the place where the needles used during planting are inserted and cleaned in the first bath. The area where the beard and mustache were planted is washed off after 24-48 hours, since the clots are cleared with washing, the planted beards become visible and a 2-3-day beard appearance is formed. In order for the transplanted beard to be better nourished from the body side, there is an increase in blood supply in the October area, depending on this, there will be small acne-like red spots on the hair bottoms within 2-3 days, this slight red image disappears within 1-2 weeks, and normal vision occurs.