Allergic diseases have almost become a part of our lives. But most often people have positioned allergic cases according to the seasons. Allergies do not appear only with the arrival of the summer months, or there is not only a spring allergy. 10 Important tricks that will ensure your protection from allergic diseases that carry risks every season are provided by an expert from the Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) Department of Private Meltem Hospital. Dr. He gave very important information to the Cinema Host.

It is necessary to be very careful about the ways of protection from allergic diseases, especially during the transition from autumn to winter. Here are the tricks to pay attention to.

Maximum benefit from sunlight should be provided!
Among the effective ways to protect Decongestant from allergic diseases are sunlight and its energy. In summer, people prefer to sit in open areas. Accordingly, they also benefit from plenty of solar energy in summer activities such as the sea and the pool. As we approach the autumn month, due to physical changes and situations such as the preference for indoor spaces, solar energy cannot be used much. It is a fact that conditions such as inability to benefit from solar energy trigger allergic diseases.

Beware of depression!
It has been found that indoor weather accounts for 37% of the research conducted on depression around the world. Indoor weather is especially effective in autumn and winter. For these reasons, experts believe that more time should be spent outside in order to prevent depression and related allergic reactions. For this reason, it is useful to pay attention to depression in autumn and winter. Respiratory allergies are often observed in the autumn months.

Pay attention to the environmental factors that cause allergies!
At the beginning of allergic diseases, substances consisting of house dust and mites, depending on environmental factors, play an important role in increasing allergic conditions. However, mold fungi, weeds, allergic phenomena caused by leaves falling in autumn can be considered as important factors in terms of the surrender of the human body to allergies. The most important way to protect yourself from such environmental factors that cause allergic diseases is to use masks indoors and outdoors as much as possible during certain periods. August decadal allergic diseases usually start in August and continue until the beginning of Decemberthey are allergic diseases. decadal allergic diseases usually start in August and continue until the beginning of December. During this time, serious allergic diseases also occur in pollen. Another factor is the dust, the source of which starts from cereal products and is too small to be visible to the eye, which causes allergies.

Allergic diseases cause serious damage to the upper respiratory tract, especially asthma.

How can we tell an allergic symptom?
Usually the first symptom is itching in the eyes and, accordingly, a condition of watering in the eyes that develops
Congestion and flushing that occurs in the nose
A condition in which nasal and nasal discharge is at the upper levels
The onset of destruction in the throat the appearance of itching and a feeling of tripping
Dry cough that occurs in the throat
A routine case of fatigue
The onset of shortness of breath
A cough that doesn’t heal for weeks
Sounds heard in the chest in the form of wheezing and whistling
Itching that usually occurs right in the middle of the chest
The first thing to do in the treatment of allergies is protection
Among the most effective ways to protect yourself from allergic diseases, the following conditions can be considered. Dec.
With the cooling of the weather in autumn and winter, heat exchange and viruses directly trigger the state of allergy. For this reason, care should be taken not to go outside between 10:00 and 16:00 in the morning as much as possible, and if you go out, you should definitely take a shower when you get home. Dec.
It is absolutely necessary to change all clothes every day for employees in autumn and winter.
In order to protect against allergic diseases, sun should be used, but sports should definitely be done using a mask because the air is inhaled while playing sports.
Asthma patients are the groups that are at risk!
The group at risk for allergic diseases are mostly asthma patients. Because environmental factors that increase during almost every change of season directly affect asthma patients. For this reason, asthma patients should be very careful against allergies.

10 Recommendations for protecting against allergic diseases
Our first recommendation for protection from allergic disorders is to consume protein-rich foods to increase body resistance. These are; fish, milk, eggs, red meat and white meat.
Another method of allergy prevention is to consume calcium-heavy foods such as green leafy seasonal vegetables, milk and yogurt together.
Fresh food should be preferred. Frozen foods should be avoided.
Consuming vegetables and fruits in season protects against allergic diseases.
It is necessary to take probiotic, vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen the immune system.
It is necessary to comply with at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night by getting rid of work life and social life. Regular sleep makes the metabolism more powerful.
Taking advantage of the sun always provides resistance to allergic diseases. Especially going out in the sun in fresh weather saves lives Jul.
Doing sports, and especially choosing to swim between sports, allows you to protect yourself from allergic diseases. Dec.
You can overcome allergic diseases by choosing seasonal disguises and clothes.
Among the most effective ways to protect yourself from allergic diseases, you should also pay attention to keeping your morale and motivation high. Dec.