Cupping is the removal of hormones that spread throughout the body in the foods we eat, toxins, heavy metals and drugs, by removing the superficial incision and vacuuming it. It is painless and drug-free. However, circulation and blood flow return to order. The immune system strengthens. Pathological disorders that may occur are also prevented

Cupping is a painless, painless treatment method and has taken its place among the most preferred treatment methods in modern medicine today. Decapitation is a painless, painless treatment method. There are no side effects of having the cupping application. It is a miracle treatment method for the treatment of blood-related disorders.

Why is cupping done?
Cupping is a treatment method applied for individuals who suffer from weakness, fatigue, body aches, headaches, and are under intense stress. Need for cupping heavy metals that the body cannot expel allow toxins to be easily excreted.

Nowadays, cupping treatment method is needed due to the drugs used by individuals and the residues left in the body by hormonal foods. Cupping treatment is important in terms of blood reaching the internal organs and brain.

Which areas of the body is the cupping performed?
Although cupping is usually known as the application to the back area, it can actually be applied to the head area or other points of the body according to the individual’s illness and complaint. It is important at this point to determine at which points the cupping treatment method will be performed by a specialist doctor.

Where is the cupping performed?
Cupping is performed in today’s conditions in clinics, hospitals by specialist physicians in concepts suitable for the environment. The materials used in the cupping treatment method must be sterile in quality and in accordance with hygiene rules. Especially during the application, it should be done by a specialist physician and trained staff to prevent blood contamination and spread of infectious diseases.

By whom should the cupping be performed?
The cupping treatment method should be performed by physicians specialized in modern medicine by providing appropriate conditions. The dexterity of the specialist physician performing cupping is the most important condition.

When is the cupping performed?
There is no certain time December for the treatment of cupping. Individuals of all ages who meet the appropriate conditions can have cupping treatment. Cupping treatment is recommended by specialists to be done 3 or 4 times a year.

How is cupping treatment performed? What needs to be done before cupping
Cupping is a prerequisite for treatment, first of all, the patient should consult a doctor specialized in this field. Cupping treatment is shaped in accordance with the patient’s complaints and is controlled by the physician with appropriate methods.

In general, in the treatment of cupping, it is aimed to expel the dirty blood contained in the veins in the skin tissue. During the treatment, the coagulation, dark color, pellet condition and toxins present in the blood are filtered and cleaned.

Cups are used in the treatment of cupping. According to the patient’s complaint, it is performed at appropriate points in the back area or neck-head area. After the mugs are sterilized by fire, the leather is vacuumed. One of the situations that patients wonder about is whether there will be pain or scars after this procedure. There are no marks on the skin after the cupping application.

It is a very short-term treatment when the appropriate conditions are provided for the treatment of cupping.

What are the benefits of cupping?
The benefits of cupping treatment are quite a lot. Cupping treatment is directly good for many diseases. We can list the benefits of cupping treatment, which can be applied to patients of all ages, as follows.

It is an excellent treatment method against chronic diseases.
It helps the immune system to strengthen and gain resistance.
It is very effective in regulating blood circulation and metabolism.
It provides benefits in relieving pain at certain points of the body and removing edema.
It plays an important role in gynecological diseases.
In addition, cupping, which is beneficial for lower back, back, knee pain, provides maximum benefit in the treatment of many other diseases such as lumbar and neck hernias, migraine headaches, toothaches, joint pains, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychological diseases, alcohol and substance abuse, chills, forgetfulness, eye problems, chronic fatigue, blood pressure.
It is very beneficial against getting rid of physical, spiritual, psychological problems. It is very effective in relieving epilepsy, Stress, rheumatism, Facial paralysis, stroke, distraction, restlessness and sleep problems in children.
It also gives very positive results in diseases such as dizziness, shortness of breath, sinusitis.
Are there any side effects of cupping?
Cupping treatment has no side effects under any circumstances. If the cupping treatment is performed under the supervision of a physician, it does not carry any risk. However, in some important diseases, especially individuals using blood thinning medication should consult a doctor.

The place of Hijama in the Islamic religion and the 5000-year history of Hijama
The history of cupping treatment is quite old and dates back centuries. Hacamat has a history of 5 thousand years. It is a lice treatment method used in ancient Egypt. Hacamat treatment During the Ottoman period, Ahmet El Mardani, the chief physician of Ibn-i Sina, Egypt, recommended and applied hacamat to people. Cupping treatment is one of the modern medical methods applied all over Europe and various countries of the world today.

Hz. Muhammad (saas) praised him and persistently recommended him to his Ummah.

Our Prophet (saas); The best of the things you are treated with is cupping. What a wonderful job he has done who has performed and performed cupping. Because the blood condenses, it makes the man sick and even kills him. he has ordered it. It is narrated that the Prophet (saas) had 47-48 times performed cupping during his lifetime.