Smear test screening, which has been given importance by all obstetricians for many years, is a very important diagnostic tool for screening and detecting malin diseases of the cervix. It is an important diagnostic method in the gynecology unit. For this reason, it is recommended by experts that women take the simir test at least once a year.

How is a smear test performed?
A smear test is a very simple procedure in an examination environment. After the patient is placed in the gynecological position, it is especially emphasized that he will not hurt, and the cervix (cervix) is examined by our special obstetricians with an instrument we call a speculum, and a thin llama is spread to the cells with a special brush. The secretions emitted by the llama are examined with the help of a microscope by placing them under a special glass in the laboratory with the help of a special liquid, and the cells are examined and taken for examination. Such investigations are carried out today with the help of a computer.

From what age should I have a smear test?
It is recommended by gynecologists to have a smear test at least once a year from the age of 21-22.

Why is the smear test abnormal?
Reasons such as the fact that your blood is very sexually active, abnormal results from a smear test before, and having more than one partner can cause this.

Can the smear test results be wrong?
There is also the possibility of giving wrong results in the smear test like all other laboratory tests. But there are factors that will cause this to give the wrong result:

Not taking enough abnormal cells to be examined.
The presence of blood and infection in the samples taken.
Medications used before or after washing the inside of the vagina.
Not taking enough cells in the sample.
What happens if the smear test (Pap) results turn out to be abnormal?
If the results are abnormal, additional tests are probably needed. Oct. These additional tests are performed by repeating the smear test after 4-6 months, and the colposcopy (with or without biopsy) method, which is a detailed examination method, is used. Oct. If changes are detected before the cyst in additional examinations, the abnormal area should be removed. Oct.
Simir test prices
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What should be considered before a smear test

Sexual intercourse should not be performed 24 hours before the smear test in order not to affect the smear results incorrectly and to obtain more reliable results.
No vaginal cream or medication should be used at least 72 hours before the smear test.
The ideal time to get tested is the 7th to 10th days after the end of menstruation.