Childbirth pain is one of the most severe pains. The elimination of this pain without affecting the labor action (contraction of the uterus, active participation of the patient and straining) carries important advantages for both the mother and the baby to be born. There are many methods to achieve this. These include giving pain relievers to the mother by injection, Decongesting the area where the baby comes out, inhaling a mixture of anesthetic gas and air, acupuncture, methods such as TENS (giving electrical impulses to the lumbar region). Among these, the best and most preferred method is “epidural anesthesia”, which is a regional anesthesia method.

This method, which is applied by an experienced anesthesiologist when labor pains start, is extremely safe for both the expectant mother and her baby, and it is also easy to apply. The pain is relieved with a local anesthetic given with the help of a needle made from the waist of a sitting expectant mother. The expectant mother and the child are under the supervision of both the obstetrician and the anesthesiologist from the beginning to the end of the birth.

Every Expectant Mother Wants to Have a Painless Birth
Pain is a complex and unpleasant perception that can be caused by any tissue. Pain treatment has been one of the most up-to-date and widely studied topics in medicine for many years.

Normal childbirth is a very painful event. The studies conducted with the desire to have a comfortable and painless birth for the mother have finally yielded results. Since the beginning of this century, expectant mothers have been helped in the world by using different techniques during childbirth. The most reliable and comfortable technique in painless childbirth is provided by epidural anesthesia.

In our hospital, normal and painless delivery is performed with epidural anesthesia to our patients with a specialist staff who are skilled and experienced in this regard and using the latest technology products.

Recommendations for Expectant Mothers:

Expectant mothers of those who want to give birth with epidural anesthesia can come to our hospital and get detailed information by meeting with our anesthesiologists.