Vaijna narrowing surgery is performed by gynecology doctors. Vaginoplasty is a surgical operation that is among the methods of Decongesting the vagina. This procedure, which reveals positive results both functionally and aesthetically, is among the aesthetic operations that have been Decently demanded in recent years.

What is Vaginoplasty?
Sexual dissatisfaction may occur during intercourse with the relaxation of the vagina in women and the loss of its former tightness. This problem can be seen not only in men, but also in women. As a result, “vaginal stenosis”, which is an important phenomenon in the sexual life of partners, can be achieved with this operation. This procedure, also known as vaginal surgery, is performed by a gynecology specialist doctor.

Why Is It Done?

  1. Sexual Pleasure and Dissatisfaction: First of all, patients who have had vaginoplasty surgery express that their poor-quality sex life has improved significantly after surgery Jun. Sexual pleasure increases for men and women in this operation, which eliminates vaginal laxity Jun. This also reflects positively on the relationships of couples in many ways.
  2. Sounds Coming Out of the Vagina During Intercourse: Construction during sexual intercourse is important for orgasm in couples. Strange sounds may occur before surgery in the vagina that has loosened and lost its vitality. With vaginoplasty, these sounds can disappear.
  3. Painful Sexual Intercourse: Especially after childbirth, vagina narrowing surgery is performed to correct the aesthetic appearance of the sagging vagina and to reduce its looseness.
  4. Self-Confidence Before and During Intercourse: Women with a functionally and aesthetically corrected vagina experience an increase in self-confidence after vaginal narrowing surgery. This helps to increase the quality of the relationship. The fact that it makes it easier for couples to have an orgasm and the spouses can be satisfied also has positive effects Decoupling between marital ties. A vagina that does not have a sexually pleasant appearance can cause depression in a woman.

How is Vagina Narrowing Surgery Performed?
Duration of Anesthesia and Surgery: Vagina narrowing surgery, performed by our female gynecologists who are experts in their field, is mostly performed under local anesthesia. It can also be performed under general anesthesia at the request of the patient and the request of the physician. Vaginal tightening surgery takes an average of 1 hour. Patients who will be operated with local anesthesia should come to our clinic on a full stomach, while our patients who will receive general anesthesia should undergo surgery on an empty stomach.

Which Part of the Vagina Is Narrowed?

During the operation, the 4 cm long area from the beginning of the vagina to the inside will be narrowed. The vagina is narrowed to a diameter of 1-2 cm and the operation is completed. The suture marks are invisible because they are located inside.

The Logic of the Operation

The most important thing that ensures success and is most important in this operation is the Novation of the muscles located on the lower vaginal wall and bilaterally forming the pervis tab. In this way, the vaginal stenosis is provided from the desired place.

What is the Effect of Orgasm?

The organ that provides orgasm in women is considered to be the clitoris. After vagina narrowing surgery, the penis rubs more against the clitoris, triggering orgasm more easily. In men, satisfaction increases with the penetration of the penis into the narrower vagina. The point that should be kept in mind is that sexual reluctance may be based on other reasons. However, it should be noted that in many patients who experience sexual reluctance, the reluctance may disappear with an increase in pleasure after vaginoplasty surgery. Jun.


If it is performed by specialist physicians in an operating room environment, it does not contain any risks other than the risks of bleeding and infection found in every operation. However, (by doctors who do not know about the anatomy of the vagina), cases of inability to have sexual intercourse may occur as a result of narrowing the vagina more than it should be.

Postoperative Discharge

Patients who have had vaginoplasty surgery should pay attention to hygiene in the genital area after discharge. The dressing of the stitches should be done regularly. In addition, you should regularly use the medications that your doctor will prescribe. In addition, what you need to do after the operation will be notified to you in writing by our specialists.

Recovery Time

The aesthetic stitches that are removed within 15 days after the vagina narrowing surgery fall out on their own. In short, you will not need to come to our hospital and have your stitches removed. after 30 days, the suture marks disappear completely and the area returns to normal. Even if a gynecologist examines you 1 month after the operation, it will not be noticeable that you have had a narrowing operation.

Sexual Intercourse After Surgery

Patients can have sexual intercourse 45 days after the operation. Now the vagina is completely healed.

Will There Be Expansion Again?

The narrowing process performed after vaginoplasty can be restored again in patients who have a normal birth. In our patients who will give birth by caesarean section, there is no repeat enlargement.

Our Patients Coming from Outside the City

First of all, you are requesting an appointment by calling our hospital. (you can reach our Coordinator 24/7 by calling 0507 242 81 81) Or if you fill out the immediate problem form on the left side quickly, our specialists will return to you from your contact number and inform you about the appointment. Apart from that, you will be able to get all the information about what you need to do from our experts. Private Meltem Hospital, which has taken its first place among the hospitals that perform Decapitation surgery, provides services with all female gynecology specialist doctors.

You are our guest under supervision for 3 hours after the operation. Then you are discharged from our hospital with the approval of our doctor.

What are Creams and Alternative Solutions?

Cream for the narrowing of the vagina, etc. there are no drug treatments available. As we mentioned above, vaginoplasty is a surgical operation.

Vagina Narrowing Surgery Prices
You can contact us via the “ask immediately” form on the left side to get information about gynecological surgeries performed in our hospital. Our specialists will get back to you shortly from the number you will leave.

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