Although vaginismus is also known as a disease among people, vaginismus is not a disease, but a Decongestant finding. This is just the name given to the event, and the problem lies in the skins. After the increase of desires and desires during foreplay, the involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles during the transition to union, the locking of the vagina, so to speak, is called vaginusmus. Novinusmus. The combination of penis and vagina is a rejection of the female psyche. Contraction closes the vaginal opening, causing sexual intercourse to be painful or perceived as impossible.

This can also happen at the contact stage or if it is imagined. Women who experience this problem do not have problems with their partner as long as there is no sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse becomes very difficult for a woman when the vagina contracts so much that she cannot get anything into it. These conditions describe the pain they feel during sexual intercourse in their horse in the form of tearing, puncturing, tearing, tearing or burning. The occurrence of vaginal contractions during the examination or during intercourse is also perceived by women with vaginismus as a painful procedure.

These pains can be described in many different ways. For example, there are complaints such as sharp pain, burning as if pepper has been poured right into the mouth, a pinch inside, deep pressure, a needle-pricking sensation, a feeling of a wall inside, pain that increases as you strain, pain that goes from the bottom of the abdomen to the groin, pain in the back, chest pain, pain in the breech area. In women with advanced vaginismus, these pains can be seen all over the body and fainting may occur. The main reason for this is that it happens outside the person’s will and control.

However, the vagina is an index finger-long organ that starts at the level of the inner lips and ends at the cervix. When sufficiently stimulated after foreplay, it expands or lengthens. It fits every foot, so to speak, like a wasteland.

The obstetricians and gynecologists in our hospital are saving you from this problem with the botox method.

What is the vaginismus botox application?
Botox application is to prevent November November muscle contraction by affecting the nerve endings in the muscles located in the genital area. Is that why botox ?the muscles in the area where the flour is applied cannot contract. Nov. Approximately 5 after the operation ? the effect begins within 10 days. With the application to the base muscles in an area we call the pelvic floor, the muscles here cannot contract Nov.Nov. Due to the lack of contraction, the penis is allowed to enter the vagina, and accordingly, the woman does not feel pain.

Who can be treated for vaginismus with botox?
Vaginismus can develop over time even in a woman who has previously been able to have intercourse and even has a child. Our patients with this condition are called secondary vaginismus. Depending on the events they experience during the relationship, women avoid getting involved over time, and this causes problems between them and their partners. Dec.

Botox can be applied to all women with primary vaginismus, that is, who have never been able to have intercourse or have secondary vaginismus, who have pain when starting a relationship and therefore avoid intercourse. Women with vaginismus say that there is a wall at the entrance to the vagina, so they are very hurt. Actually, it’s the November muscle tissue here that’s hurting them.

How is botox application done for the treatment of vaginismus?
The patient who will be treated for vaginismus is first examined. After the examination, botox application is performed depending on the patient’s request. The anesthesia method used during this application is a general anesthesia, which we call light sedation. During this procedure, the patient does not feel any pain because he is sleeping. The application is made to the muscles in the area we call the pelvic floor. Nov.

When should the first relationship be after the procedure?
For our patients who prefer botox for vaginismus, approximately 10 days after its application, they will feel that they cannot contract the pelvic floor muscles. Nov. After this time, he can try to get into a relationship.

How long does the treatment last?
The effect of Botox treatment lasts about 4 months. When the effect of Botox application disappears, there is no longer a problem of painful intercourse or inability to have a relationship for a woman. Because during this period, these fears disappear in our patients who have entered into a relationship. Repetition is out of the question. If our patients think that they are having a more comfortable relationship with botox, it is possible to repeat the botox application.

Does Botox application affect a woman’s conception or ovaries?

Botox used in the application of vaginismus affects only the muscles in the pelvic floor, there is no question of spreading to any area. Therefore, it does not affect the ovaries or uterus and does not cause any problems with pregnancy. Since we do not know what the effect of Botox application is on the growing baby during pregnancy, we want the patient not to get pregnant for 4 months, that is, to be protected. after 4 months, botox is completely eliminated from the body. It has no effect on subsequent pregnancies.

What is the success rate of Botox treatment?

97 Percent when botox is performed for the treatment of our patients who want to get rid of vaginismus?they were able to enter into a relationship.

Are there any side effects of using botox in the treatment of vaginismus?

1% of the patients we apply Botox to have problems such as cough, urinary incontinence when sneezing, gas retention for 1 week. But this situation is temporary. In some patients, there is a loss of sensation in the tissue in the vaginal area. Our patients use this situation to facilitate the relationship. This is a temporary effect on the effect.

Bruising may occur in the tissue in the vaginal compartment due to the injection. These bruises pass within 1 week. Since the hymen will deteriorate during the procedure, it takes an average of 5-6 days for this tissue to heal.

Vaginismus Botox Surgery Prices

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