Urinary incontinence outside the I wanted in women is a problem that is often seen over the age of 40. This problem, which affects the person’s quality of life, progresses to interrupting their night’s sleep with the desire to go to the toilet frequently. Ladies suffering from this problem do not want to drink liquids during a long trip, or they avoid a long trip.

Why Does Urinary Incontinence Occur?

This disease occurs in 2 ways. Most often, urine accumulated in the bladder causes urinary incontinence during coughing, sneezing, or weight lifting. In this type of patients, urine compression is not felt much, so it is difficult to take precautions beforehand.

In other cases of urinary incontinence, people often need to urinate and feel tightness. If he can catch up to the toilet quickly, there will be no urinary incontinence, but a feeling of urine compression occurs again in a very short time.

Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

There are two different methods for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women for the two types we mentioned above. In patients of the first type (those who pass urine without feeling urine tightness), there is often sagging in the bladder due to reasons such as age or vaginal birth. In these patients, TOT surgery solves the problem.

In cases of the second type of urinary incontinence, on the other hand (in people where errors often have a urinary sensation), drug therapy is the treatment management that is used primarily. Although these drugs have side effects such as nausea, dryness in the mouth and weakness, they provide positive results in treatment.

TOT Surgery for Urinary Incontinence

TOT surgery in principle prevents patients from urinary incontinence by strengthening the weakened tissues around the bladder. For the strengthening of these tissues, a strip-shaped support is used in the synthetic structure. During surgery, this strip is passed through the inner side of both legs and around the bladder after an incision is made inside the vagina. The healing effect of TOT surgery begins almost immediately after surgery, and urinary incontinence is prevented up to 95% often in subsequent times. Due to the synthetic nature of the supporting material used, this improvement in the structure of the bladder and urinary tract will last a lifetime.

After the TOT Surgery

The unwanted problems created by TOT surgery are mostly not serious and are not seen frequently. Since the area where the operation is performed is mostly inside the vagina, there is no scar on the visible parts of the body of the patients who have undergone surgery. The recovery time after TOT will also be very short. Synthetic strips or similar ones used in this surgery have been used in surgery for a long time and there is very little chance of causing unwanted problems. If this surgery is performed in the morning, patients are usually advised to go home in the afternoon.