Shoulder pain is a very common condition. First of all, the first thing that needs to be done is to determine the exact cause of this discomfort. Shoulder pain may increase due to inflammatory rheumatism or excessive use of the arm and shoulder area. In rheumatic pain, drug treatment is applied to the person. If the shoulder is in pain due to bad and excessive use, the patient should be informed in detail about this, learn what to do and not to do, and turn to sports.

How are Shoulder Pains Treated with Trigger Point Injections?
There are many methods applied in trigger point treatment. However, it is very important that the patient’s complaints are listened to carefully and a detailed examination is carried out after listening. Because if the underlying cause of the trigger point is a hernia, the treatments to be applied will be insufficient and will waste Tu time. The most effective method used in trigger point treatment is trigger point injection. Carefully, a small amount of medicine is injected into the trigger point with a needle to help it heal. This treatment method usually provides recovery to the person very quickly. In some patients, it may be necessary to repeat it 3 to 5 times. Other treatment methods applied; spray-stretching technique, applying pressure vigorously, massage, dry needle, ESWT shock wave therapy, laser and physical therapy can be counted as. Opening stretching exercises should definitely be performed regularly and in accordance with the rules in order for the November muscle to regain its former length.

Which Type of Shoulder Pain Is Applied?
The pains that the patients who applied to the pain polyclinic complain about the most can be listed as follows:

Lower back and leg area pains
Neck pains
Back pain
Shoulder and arm pain
Facial pains-neuralgia
Pain caused by vascular occlusion
Cancer pains
Pain whose cause cannot be determined
Is the Treatment Permanent?
Is it like, going to a dentist and seeing a doctor after treatment ?Will my teeth rot again?? it is similar to asking. If the problem that has occurred has not arisen as a result of an accident, it should never be forgotten that a large part of the source of the problem is the person’s lifestyle. At the end of the sessions that the patient needs to see, that is, at the end of the treatment, training is also given on how to treat himself in a simple way that he can apply to himself at home in the face of the possibility that his problems will return. The purpose of this is for the person to become able to take care of himself in the future about pain.

Your head, neck, shoulder, lower back pain, arm or leg pain does not go away despite all your efforts, and if painkillers only temporarily provide a benefit, or if you are looking for a quick and effective result to your dull shoulder problem, it is also a great benefit to use Trigger Point Treatment.

How Many Sessions Do I Need to Practice?
The duration of treatment sessions may vary from person to person. Just as full results can be obtained even in a single session, several more sessions may be needed. The success rate of these procedures is approximately 80-95%, sometimes 100%?dur. Therefore, the doctor decides how many sessions the patient will see.

When Does It Show Its Effect?
It is an extremely effective method in 50 to 75% of patients with permanent numbness in the arm area or foot area, loss of strength, no reflex loss, only pain is at the forefront. Patients should be trained on how to move, how to behave, how to lift weights after trigger point injection. If this training is given correctly, the effect of the application will be permanent.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Epidural injections are effective and safe methods that have been applied for an average of more than 50 years. The method is applied under imaging and with needle-like electrodes. The biggest feature of these electrodes is that the tip of the electrode can electronically measure the resistance of the application region in ohms. For this reason, the method is not applied when reaching undesirable areas.

It is very minimal in terms of side effects. Due to the fact that it is given to a limited area and has very little systemic spread, steroid-related side effects are almost never observed. After the procedure, some patients may experience temporary headaches, which can be controlled with bed rest and painkillers. The incidence of this condition is approximately one in a thousand. As it can be seen, even the very common complication of epidural injection is a very rare condition. Infection, on the other hand, is a serious side effect with a very rare occurrence. In order to prevent this situation from occurring, the procedure should be performed under completely sterile conditions. Since the entry point of the needle and the epidural cavity are determined under radiological imaging, serious side effects such as bleeding, nerve damage are almost never encountered.

How Can I Get Information?
With trigger point injection, the questions that stick in your mind about your other pains, especially your shoulder pains, are 0507 242 81 81 – 0507 242 81 81 you can contact the doctors by calling our specialists from the numbered phone numbers and you can access detailed information about this topic in a healthy way.