Treatment with radio-frequency waves, which is the ultimate in snoring treatment, is carried out in our hospital, and with this method, which is painless, painless and most importantly bloodless, the patient regains his health in the shortest time.

It Deteriorates Both Our Social Health and Medical Health
While we may encounter social problems such as inattention during the day, lack of concentration, tendency to sleep, failure in business life, discord between spouses, being an unwanted person on holidays and business trips, medically it can also be seen as sudden deaths during sleep, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, depression, lung diseases. are seen as diseases.

In cases where personal measures are not sufficient to reduce snoring, it is necessary to consult an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Treatment is mandatory for people who snore severely in every position and for patients with apnea that lasts at least ten seconds during their sleep and repeats at least seven times an hour. Snoring and sleep apnea due to abnormalities in the throat area are problems that require specific treatment.

Definitive Solution with Snoring Treatment
The success rate of classical surgical methods and laser in the treatment of snoring is around 70 percent. Postoperative pain sometimes lasts more than 1 month. Snoring treatment with radio-frequency waves, which is the final point reached as a result of new scientific studies, saves the patient from his problem in an extremely painless, painless and most importantly bloodless way. One hour after the surgery, the patient can eat and return to work.

In the treatment of snoring with the radio-frequency method, which is also performed in our hospital, the heating feature of radiofrequency waves is used to reduce tissue volume in the desired area, and radiofrequency waves between 300 and 1000 Kbz are created to create hyperthermia (high temperature) in the soft tissue without damaging the nerve endings. The radio-frequency system, which is used at low power, low voltage and an average temperature of 75-85 degrees, is defined as a fast, simple and effective surgical method used in snoring related to the soft palate and uvula.

This painless, bloodless and bloodless treatment method, which has no side effects, allows the patient to return to his daily life after a maximum of two hours. Snoring treatment with radio-frequency waves can be performed under local anesthesia in outpatient clinic conditions in 15-20 minutes.