DAY 1: Establish a New Order

Recent research reveals that babies can distinguish between day and night. To do this, all you have to do is give him the necessary clues. Starting tomorrow, wake him up early in the morning and make sure to wake him up at the same time every day. Place his bed near the window and leave the curtains ajar. Daylight will help him wake up. Even when you put him to sleep, wake him up before it gets dark. Thus, he will understand that he needs to wake up in the daylight and sleep at night. Put your baby to bed at the same time in the evening.

DAY 2: Continue Application

Continue the routine you started yesterday. Don’t give up just yet. Remember that he may continue to cry at night because he is hungry. When you have to breastfeed or feed him, do it in a slightly dark environment. Introduce routine habits such as listening to music when you go to bed at night.

DAY 3: Crying Begins

Crying is children’s greatest weapon; It is a situation that parents cannot bear. However, be patient and mutter to yourself: 8220th attempt; The result will be sleep! 8221st attempt; I will not give up. Don’t worry if he cries while trying to put him to sleep. Let him get used to the sleep rules you set. Program changes upset children under 6 months of age much more. Your baby cries for 15-20 minutes at most, but bad sleep habits can last for years. Remember, this is a battle between you and your child. Don’t pay attention to it, but check it through the doorway every 5-10 minutes to satisfy your own curiosity. Do not turn on the lights, take him out of bed or give him a bottle to make him quiet, otherwise make sure he will cry for minutes the next night.

DAY 4: The Crying War Continues

It took quite a long time last night, didn’t it? Tonight will be a little easier. But know that he will still continue to cry. However, it will be shorter this time, believe us. To do this, you need to prove to him that your rules are strict. Continue to be patient. Don’t make him feel like you’re soft on him. Otherwise he will cry twice as much as last night. Don’t give him this trump card.

DAY 5: Your Baby Calms Down

Most babies get used to this program within 3-5 days. So maybe tonight is your lucky night! Don’t check on him every 5 minutes, stop by his room at least 15 minutes apart. Some babies are uncomfortable with frequent entries into the room. So watch him from the doorway. And don’t forget that he cries less tonight. The most common sleep problems are night breastfeeding and diaper changing. Of course, we are not telling you not to do these, but make sure they are as short and quiet as possible. Never turn on the lights, even when changing the diaper. Do not breastfeed more than necessary. This way, you won’t disturb him and you won’t have to change his diaper again!

DAY 6: Your Baby is Sleeping!

Sounds like a miracle, right? Don’t ruin this happiness by shelving the rules you’ve been following for days. Don’t check on him frequently because you find it strange that he’s sleeping. Relax! Dress him in warm pajamas. So you don’t have to worry about him uncovering it. Turn the baby monitor volume down and only hear it when it really needs it. Be careful not to engage in behavior that will overshadow your success.

DAY 7: It’s Your Turn to Sleep!

Do yourself a favor and sleep soundly tonight. You may have been sleep deprived for the last 6 days, but it was worth it, right? You have given your child a wonderful gift: Regular sleep habits. There is no doubt that this program will be disrupted from time to time due to factors such as illness, hotel room on vacation, etc. However, remember that even babies who have never had sleep problems cause problems in these situations. If the sleep problem occurs again, repeat the plan from the beginning, the second time will be much easier than the first.