Ovarian Cyst Surgery
Indicating that there are different types of ovarian cysts.Private Meltem Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Jin. Op. Dr. Hale Uzer pointed out that almost every woman can detect a cyst on her ovaries at some time in her life. The most common complaints are groin pain, pain in the relationship, a feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdomen, and menstrual irregularities, Uzer said, continued as follows;

Ovarian cysts do not always require surgery. The process of removing cysts is called a cystectomy in medical parlance. Surgeries performed for ovarian cysts can be performed both as laparoscopic and open surgery. The choice of laparoscopy or open surgery is planned according to the size and various characteristics of the cyst.

In operations for ovarian cysts, a cystectomy is not always performed, that is, not only a cyst is removed; sometimes the cyst is removed together with the ovary (ophorectomy or salpingo-oophorectomy) or even with the uterus. For example, in the operation of an ovarian cyst of a type of cancer, the uterus is also removed along with the ovaries. In benign cysts, cystectomy may not always be possible either because of the adhesion that the cyst makes to the surrounding area or because the ovarian tissue that is provided cannot be monitored, the ovary can be completely removed.

Cystectomy surgery takes about 1 hour on average. If the operation is performed laparoscopically, the patient is usually discharged after 1 day, in open surgeries this period can also be 2-3 days.

Laparoscopy? Open surgery?
Ovarian cyst surgeries can be performed in the form of laparoscopy or open surgery. During laparoscopy, the cyst is removed by opening 1 cm holes under the belly button and near the groin area. Due to the low incision, the patient will have less pain after surgery and it will be easier to recover. For this reason, laparoscopy is preferred whenever possible. But the laparoscopic method may not be applied in cases such as if the cyst is too large or the patient is pregnant, the patient is too fat, there is excessive bleeding in the abdomen.