Rhinoplasty is performed through an incision made inside the nose. In other words, there will be no scars left on the outside of the nose. In nasal tip lift surgery, which is usually performed with local anesthesia, if there is no need for an intervention on the back of the nose, general anesthesia is not required.

The cartilages inside the nose are shaped with light stitches. If there is not enough cartilage for the desired result, nose tip augmentation can be performed with cartilage grafts taken from the ribs or auricle. This process is called cartilage grafting. Thinning the thick nasal skin can be done safely by intervening in the soft tissue.

After nasal tip surgery, silicone sprites can be placed in the nose. If any intervention has been made to the septum area within the nose, silicone leaflets can be placed. No buffer is used in this process. A plaster splint or just a bandage is used after the surgery. These two supportive treatments vary depending on the magnitude of the surgical operation performed. If it is a minor nasal tip procedure, a postoperative bandage is sufficient. If it is a more comprehensive operation, that is, if it is thought that the nose needs to be better protected, a plaster splint can be used additionally. Silicone splits or plaster are used by the patient for an average of 2-3 days.

Who is it done for?
Natural nose tip aesthetics is an operation performed to eliminate problems only at the tip of the nose, while there is no problem at the base, sides or back of the nose. It may be drooping, wide, very narrow or asymmetrical. The tip of the nose is the most important and striking point in the philosophy of natural rhinoplasty.

Surgery Prices
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