Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Epilation

  • To which areas is laser epilation applied?
    Laser epilation can be applied to all areas except the eyelid and eye socket.
  • How many sessions will it take to get rid of my hair?
    After 6-8 sessions, you will get rid of your hair completely.
  • What should be the session intervals in laser epilation?
    Our control session takes place in our hospital 15 days after the first shot. Approximately 45 days later, your second session is applied.
  • Can I have laser epilation on my blonde and white hair?
    Laser epilation is not applied to blonde and white hair. Laser epilation devices cannot reach the roots because there is no color pigmentation in yellow and white hairs.
  • Will my hair grow back after laser epilation?
    Once your sessions are completed, your hair will not grow back in any way.
  • Does laser epilation cause any harm to my organs or skin?
    Since epilation devices focus on hair follicles, they cannot reach the organs, but they do not cause any harm.
  • Should a razor be applied during laser application?
    The hair must be shortened before application. This shortening process should not be done with a razor, a razor should be used.

-What should I do after laser epilation?
Body moisturizer or body lotion should be used after the session. Those who have facial treatments should protect their faces from sunlight.