As in many other medical branches, the number of closed surgeries in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has increased in recent years. Laparoscopic (closed) surgeries performed by 5 gynecology specialists in our hospital are listed in the following order. However, laparoscopy is not a surgical technique used only in surgical applications. It can also be a technique used in the diagnosis of diseases. For this reason, before moving on to the list of laparoscopic surgeries, let’s explain what diagnostic laparoscopy is.

Laparoscopy in Diagnosis and Diagnosis
In our gynecology outpatient clinic, we use laparoscopic methods to make a definitive diagnosis of the disease. For example, in case of suspected pelvic diseases, a camera is used that enters the abdomen from the navel without any surgical intervention to the patient. In this way, all the pelvic organs of the patient can be monitored very clearly. This procedure is called diagnostic laparoscopy.

Chocolate Cyst
Chocolate cyst, which is the main cause of chronic pelvic pain, can be diagnosed by laparoscopy and can also be treated by laparoscopy. Ultrasonography used in the diagnosis of chocolate cyst may not be helpful in making the diagnosis most of the time. Because if the cyst has not yet formed in the patient at the initial stage, that is, this condition may not appear on ultrasound images.

Ovarian Cyst
It is possible to treat many women’s diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion, bleeding cysts in the uterus and the chocolate cyst mentioned above with laparoscopy.

Myomectomy (Removal of Ur from the Uterus)
Laparoscopic fibroid surgery, it is possible to treat the enlarged parts of the uterus by removing them with a closed surgical technique. It is an important technique for young expectant mothers to maintain fertility by preserving it. Especially in recent years, it has become one of the most performed gynecological surgeries Decently.

Removal of the Uterus (Hysterectomy)
1 Of the list of laparoscopic surgeries. hysterectomy operations are performed during it. With the developing technologies and techniques, the use of laparoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases has paved the way for the laparoscopic method to be performed in this disease as well.

Uterine Prolapse
Hysterectomy is a traditional method that has been used for uterine prolapse since ancient times. However, some young patients may want to maintain fertility. For this reason, the uterus needs to be protected. In this case, hanging the uterus in the patient may be an alternative form of treatment. Thus, the patient benefits from all the advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancers diagnosed at an early stage are treated with laparoscopic surgery. It includes removal of the uterus, uterine pain, tubes, ovaries along with extensive tissue, and cleaning of pelvic and paraaortic lymph nodes.

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